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TranZfusion Columns Archive


Matt Darey : Darey Products : May Column

Author: Matt Darey
17 May 2005

Column: 'Progressive Obsessive' - Dean Millson

Author: Dean Millson
20 September 2005

Column: 'If god Was a Mobile DJ....' - Scott Ruddock

Author: Scott Ruddock
17 October 2005

'Southern Soapbox' - Mal Chia

Author: Mal Chia
17 October 2005

'The Weekend Warrior's Survival Guide' - Sarah West

Author: Sarah West
17 October 2005

'Because We Can' - by Habersham

Author: Habersham
29 October 2005

Tickled Pink for Chicks

Author: Danni B, Sass & Miss Chris
29 October 2005

'Addicted to Life' by Katie Underwood

Author: Katie Underwood
5 November 2005

Sorted! Sessles Monthly Guide to Melbourne

Author: sessles
25 November 2005

Bear Basics: The Masters Series Pt 1.

Author: Tony Mantz
28 November 2005

'If god Was a Mobile DJ....' - Scott Ruddock

Author: Scott Ruddock
30 November 2005

'Addicted to Life' by Katie Underwood

Author: Katie Underwood
4 December 2005

'Southern Soapbox #2' - Mal Chia

Author: Mal Chia
18 December 2005

Sorted! Sessles January Guide to Melbourne Events

5 January 2006


Author: Mark Burton
29 January 2006

'Behind The Mic - Feb 06' by Sara Bee

Author: Sara Brooke
7 February 2006

'Southern Soapbox #3' - Mal Chia

Author: Mal Chia
16 March 2006

'If god Was a Mobile DJ.... #3' - Scott Ruddock

Author: Scott Ruddock
27 March 2006

Just for the Record Part One

Author: Matt Solo aka DJ Promo
29 March 2006

Just for the Record Part Two

Author: Matt Solo aka DJ Promo
7 April 2006

Just for the Record Part Three

Author: Matt Solo aka DJ Promo
15 April 2006

Just for the Record Part Four

Author: Matt Solo aka DJ Promo
5 May 2006

Just for the Record Part Five

Author: Matt Solo aka DJ Promo
5 May 2006

'Behind The Mic - May 06' by Sara Bee

Author: Sara Brooke
25 May 2006

Just for the Record Part Six & Seven

Author: Matt Solo aka DJ Promo
25 May 2006

Mashing it Up

Author: El
25 May 2006

Just for the Record Part Eight

Author: Matt Solo aka DJ Promo
26 May 2006

'Behind The Mic - July 06' by Sara Bee

Author: Sara Brooke
7 July 2006

'Spin Doctor #6' by Stuart Evans

Author: Stuart Evans
10 August 2006

Chew the Fat

Author: Fatmail
10 September 2006

Behind The Mic - October 2006

Author: Sara Brooke
25 October 2006

Sara Brooke brings Stephanie Vezina, vocalist behind Sagres (Tone Depth & Sultan) centre stage in October's 'Behind the Mic' Column... "As far as the creative process, when it's time to create, it's time. It's a strange thing... like a beast you've got to feed regularly and if you leave it unattended for too long can take over your existence in most undesirable ways!"

'Spin Doctor #8: 'P.R. Group Pressure' by Stuart Evans

Author: Stuart Evans
1 November 2006

'If god Was a Mobile DJ.... #4' - Scott Ruddock

Author: Scott Ruddock
26 November 2006

Scott Ruddock shares the tips, tales and secrets accumulated over 10 years in the mobile DJing industry. What do mobile DJs have in common with Sasha & Digweed- Read on to find out.

Spin Doctor #9: Contrariety of Christmas

Author: Stuart Evans
28 November 2006

The social nightlife begins in earnest very, very soon. Are you ready- Can you handle the month of December where a wallet of cheer and a cheeky smile will get you a long way-

Swords, Fans & Flying Disc Assassins: Summer is here.

Author: A Paper by Simon Slieker
6 December 2006

Before we knew it, it had begun. I'm not exactly sure of the crunch date, (x and counting) but I'd say at least 6 weeks ago, the terrain became treacherous...Don't matter how mad it gets, I'm packing my bags for the season ahead and riding the bus for all it's worth. I know you'll be joining me, for at least part of the ride, with sword, fan and disc in hand...

Flying Discs, Swords, Fans and the TRUTH

Author: A discussion paper by Simon Slieker (man)
8 December 2006

The 1st paper in Simon Slieker's new series...Where else are you asked the question Frisbee or Date Rape Drug-

Visualised - The VJ Column

Author: micology
22 February 2007

Welcome to VJing - the natural evolution for DJs and visual artists alike...

The FuZe - Volume One

Author: Aaron Roach
28 March 2007

It's time to ponder the proliferation of the festival movement throughout Australia.

The FuZe - Volume Two

Author: Aaron Roach
4 April 2007

From the back to the middle and around again.

Fuze - 3

Author: Aaron Roach
24 May 2007

Smokers now have less than two months before they won't be able to lung tickle in the comfy environments of a nightclub.

DJ School Part One - Trial By Fire

Author: Rhiannon Elston
5 June 2007

Rhiannon Elston gives readers insight into why you don't blag your way into clubs. Karma has a funny way of kicking you in the pants.

Fuze 4 - Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears

Author: Aaron Roach
5 June 2007

Paris Hilton goes to Jail, Lindsay Lohan on the same path and Britney Spears gets her whacky on. Dance music has never been better.

Fuze 5 - Paris Hilton Freed From Jail

Author: Aaron Roach
8 June 2007

Fuze gets another run this week, thanks to Paris Hilton's release from prison.

Fuze 6 - Doof Doof in a 3D World

Author: Aaron Roach
15 June 2007

While the film The Science of Sleep explores the blurred lines between reality and surreal realms, the future of the human state within the real world is becoming blurred with innovative ways to spend your time on the internet.

Fuze 7 - Ibiza And British Lifestyle

Author: Aaron Roach
20 June 2007

The government is clamping down on the drug trade in Ibizan clubs, but it could all be a tourist conspiracy to prevent any further damage to the little island.

Fuze 8 - Chris Benoit

Author: Aaron Roach
26 June 2007

WWE star and wrestling living legend Chris Benoit was found dead in his home along with his family this morning.

Fuze 9 - Live Earth: Transformers, Big Brother and Harry Potter-

Author: Aaron Roach
10 July 2007

The Al Gore 24-hour World, Live Earth has been a massive success across the, er, world. But why were there no mentions of Transformers, Big Brother and Harry Potter- Aaron Roach, coolest guy ever, investigates.

Fuze 10 - Harry Potter Dies - Everyone Moves On

Author: Aaron Roach
19 July 2007

Kids around the world are bracing themselves for the worst, as JK Rowling's new instalment of the Harry Potter series hits shelves on Friday. After the leak, does anyone care about the Deathly Hallows-

Fuze - Festival Season: Overdrive Bok Bok Time

Author: Aaron Roach
4 October 2007

It's here. Over the next six months, you'll be busted, broken, bewildered, binged, bung-eyed and other cool words that start with 'b'

Fuze 12 - French Kissed

Author: Aaron Roach
9 October 2007

In a world that thrives on cool-as-fuck stuff, it's unsurprising that the French have been there since...forever.

Cousins, Hingis - Come Doof with Us!

Author: Majick McStuff
2 November 2007

Is the dance music scene/culture the only platform to not really care about 'drug shocks'- As the world becomes caught up in the hype of superstars falling from grace through the use of narcotics, one scene welcomes them with open arms and (possibly) glowsticks.

Fuze - Perfect Festive Moments

Author: Aaron Roach
3 December 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like the festive season (we changed it to avoid copyright infringement of a certain song).

Fuze - Drug Overdoses, Arrests: Just Say 'Careful'

Author: Aaron Roach
11 December 2007

Over the last few weeks, the atmosphere surrounding festival culture has thrown up overdoses, arrests, seizures and violence. Has Australia's once great love of festivals been tainted by the ascending stature of the shadow issues-

Underside - Pity Parties vs Perseverance

Author: Rachel Barrett/Herb Pubesman
2 September 2008

Underside - Life According To Facebook

Author: Jenny Robertson
10 September 2008

Acid Tongue - Grape Expectations

Author: Darryn King
17 September 2008

Underside - What I Have Learnt From Daytime Television

Author: Jenny Robertson
24 September 2008

3D's Jenny Robertson discusses the educational delights of daytime television

Underside - The Little Plastic Thingy

Author: Darryn King
30 September 2008

Underside - Down With Phones/Down With Humans

Author: Rachel Barrett/Herb Pubesman
7 October 2008

Underside - Fame Vs Anonymity

Author: Rachel Barrett/Herb Pubesman
14 October 2008

Rachel Barrett and Herb Pubesman square-off as they tackle the tricky uppers and downers of fame vs anonymity.

Underside - Supernaturalist vs The Sceptic

Author: Darryn King/Randy Gnirk
27 October 2008

3D's Darryn King and Randy Gnirk square-off in the battle between the supernaturalist and the sceptic.

Underside - Grover vs Elmo

Author: Carlisle Rogers/Jack Cody
3 November 2008

Carlisle Rogers and Jack Cody usher in the Sesame Street smackdown as they argue the merits of puppet masters Grover and Elmo.

Underside - You Won't Fool The Children Of The Revolution

Author: Jack Cody
11 November 2008

3D's Jack Cody assesses the impact of the recent American election and Barrack Obama's promise of change.

Underside - LA Woman

Author: Carlisle Rogers
18 November 2008

3D's Carlisle Rogers considers the dubious celebrity of Mark 'Cobra Snake' Hunter's elfin muse Cory Kennedy.