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'Addicted to Life' by Katie Underwood

Author: Katie Underwood
Saturday, November 5, 2005
Sex, Drugs and Dance Music

Hail to the disco. The Pagan church of the New World. Hedonism, fetishism and exhibitionism all mashed together in a world of lads, loose women, latex and listerine lollies. Cheap drinks, chicks in chaps and good cheer. Laser lights and endless nights. Continued sexual exploration of the cavities and depravities. The bald and the beautiful (not to say that bald isn't beautiful but that's another topic altogether). A chemical concept of a good time spilled out on a toilet seat, smashed up, crushed and snorted back up your left nostril. Infatuation with inhalation of an extremely good time, followed by the worst possible time and somehow forgotten just in time for those faux leather hot pants to make it through the wash cycle and back into your party pants drawer. Welcome to the weekend.

It's actually quite unnerving how much the body likes drugs. It does. The scary thing is, most of the time you assume your body knows what's good for you. There's a certain level of physical trust and you don't question it. You eat something bad and you throw up. You acquire a physical affliction or infection and your body sweats and burns and frets until it's gone. But drugs- Oh no, no, no…that's a different story. You see, your body likes drugs. If you give your body drugs, it likes it so much that it will make you feel crap when it runs out and continue to make you feel completely shit until you give it some more. This is what your parents don't tell you about drugs. Either because they don't know about drugs or they got too drug fucked in their youth to remember what to tell you…except not to take them. Drugs are bad. Yeah, as if that line ever worked.

So what about love-

Here's what drugs can do in a relationship: You become united against a common enemy - Drugs. You band together on the way up and support each other while you're off your face and dancing like a maniac and then when it all goes downhill, you hang on to each other for dear life and say it will all be better tomorrow…or maybe the next day. Have Sex- If you didn't get around to it during the high, chances are you're not getting any once the party's over. You nurture each other because you can't possibly do anything else. Its not love- its survival. But still, you are united and it feels kind of like love and so you don't bother to think about whether it is love or not. But here's where you are now - Monday night and you're surviving and united in a cause. No more drugs. Yeah, good luck with that one.

If you do drugs, for the first few years you can probably fool yourself into thinking you're a recreational user and maybe you are and good luck to you. But then, after a time, you find nothing works well without it. You don't have sex anymore because you're either too tired from the weekend you just had or you know it wont be a good as when you were high, so what's the point- All your friends take drugs and so it's kind of hard not to take them every weekend because there's always something happening or you just get so fucking bored watching crap TV that you have to go out and get at least a little bit mashed. And nothing is fun anymore without it. Or maybe you stay in a relationship for 3 years too long because you're too chicken shit to say "I want to leave" even if you're miserable and because you've both become so emotionally fragile after all the drug taking to even cope if you did say it.

So where was I and what's the point to all this- Ah yes. Drugs. Expands the mind, explodes the senses and completely shafts the Psyche. Charming combo. Good way to fuck up your relationships slowly and surely, without you even realising it. Now that's scary. Take it from me. Or perhaps you will learn it all on your own- Maybe you already have or maybe you're in the middle of thinking about it or maybe you know it all too well. Whatever the case, here's looking at you kid. At the end of the weekend, we're all in the same misguided boat.