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'A little from Column A, and a little from Column B....' - Craig McWhinney

Author: Craig McWhinney
Wednesday, November 30, 2005
I apologise ok.... I've been very busy. So the column's a little late, what do you people want from me-

In all seriousness, the last week (besides working) has been spent attending and recovering from 2 party's. The first being the ITM/Future party at the Metro featuring Tiga and Ajax. Now, the crowd were a little.. um.... rude, and some of the music cheesy, but all in all I had a good time. Tiga himself was quite techy, which was
great, but still with his fun electro flair. Dave Pham and Mike Callander were awesome, playing a blend of techno, electro and minimal. Not everyone in the room got it, but plenty stayed to rock out till the end.

The second was of course my crew's party, MTC, presenting Cave. Hailing from Norway, Inga (Cave) was a gentleman, a great DJ and a terrific live act!!!!!! He played party music and kept everyone on the floor, even stepping up at the end to play in with Coyley and Matty Rad. Everyone played well on the night, everyone enjoyed it. Thankyou to Cave for making the trek down here to play at our humble party. We look forward to seeing him again in the future.

Coming up in December, on the 10th is Adventjah at Kryal. Some interesting acts including the Geezer and Chris Liberator, but the Scatterfunk room is where you'll find the techno, with Ruckus, Pham, Matty Rad, Sam McEwin, Jimmy Rudd, DSOL, Itchy, Scott Alien and myself.

This Friday the 2nd of December, Richard Devine is playing at the Mercat X Hotel, 456 Queen St. Experimental heaven. With killer local support, this show is set to blow the roof. I mean, Devine has produced for Nine Inch Nails, you know it's gonna be good.

This Saturday the 3rd of December, it has been rumoured that Matthew Jonson will be doing a side show from his Earthcore tour at Honky Tonks! All reports of his performance at EC were magnificent, so I suggest people make it down there to see how he goes in a club. I sure will be... and I anticipate being blown away.

Everyone is gearing up for NYE/NYD. Hawtin/ Plastikman/ FUSE on NYE, live, is highly anticipated. We haven't seen this in Australia as yet, everyone is buzzing and excited. Being a Belfast party you can expect a monstrous Richie Rich old school set, as well as the regulars.

NYD see's Sunshine People with Hawtin, Magda and Blackstrobe as well as a host of DJs and acts from all genre's, and of course the kick-ass
locals. I'm amped for it and I hope to see you all there.

My top five for this month are as follows:
5. Exercise one - Easy Things/Steady Pulse - Mobilee 004
4. Mr Velcro Fastener - The Flock (Joel Mull Remix) - STARS 004
3. Digitaline - Rubicube - CADENZA 07
2. Audion - Suckfish - SPC 33
and the number one pick for this month:
1. Collabs 3000 (Speedy J/Chris Liebing) - Metalism - NOMU160LP

Stay tuned for next month when I'll say more stuff about stuff and records. See you at the bar.

Craig McWhinney