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Fuze 8 - Chris Benoit

Author: Aaron Roach
Tuesday, June 26, 2007
WWE star and wrestling living legend Chris Benoit was found dead in his home along with his family this morning.

If you've not been on the internet today, or heard of Benoit, then you're probably a bit behind and still using Geocities as a source for all things hip. 'The Canadian Crippler' is one of the most revered wrestlers ever to hit the mat - not only that, in a world of tough pantomime, he just got on with the job. It's a major shock to know his calibre won't be seen on the Pay-TV spectaculars anymore.

It's always a shock to learn of someone you kind of admire passing on and it makes you think about people in your own social circles who might've passed on before their time. In the dance music world we haven't had that many celebrity deaths, but we still are a young scene compared to the rest of the mainstream world. In '98, most of us were shocked to learn that Tony De Vit had passed away due to severe bronchial pneumonia and bone-marrow failure. It was the first 'real' notable death we'd had. Here was a man running the globe over in his quest to just play good tunes and his 'Live In Tokyo' GU still rates as one of the finer compilation moments.

While De Vit was obviously not in the same celebrity league as Benoit, it goes to show that every scene has one of those moments where everyone just goes 'fuck'.

The unexpected loss of these people from the present means they'll be remembered at their peaks. Benoit was a stalwart for wrestling; De Vit was a star for the dance music game. It is the best way to go, without looking like a faded Pearl Jam (or the dance equivalent, Armand Van Helden) and without trying to make comeback into a foray that just can't have room for people living in the past.

Shit way to go, but a lifetime of legendary status is nothing short of great for Benoit.