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Spin Doctor #9: Contrariety of Christmas

Author: Stuart Evans
Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Panic and Repugnance at Christmas Time

The season of goodwill is nearly here. A time when joy and happiness fills our lives; a time when we give to get, drink too much, indulge in too many chocolate delights and enjoy the generosity of offers.

But that's not all, is it- No, Christmas is going to function after function, guzzling as many free drinks and cocktails down our throats that we can muster while tagging along to work events and Christmas parties and having a damn good time. It's a celebration and we drink to forget. Raise your glass and toast the season of enjoyment.

Things happen at Christmas parties that probably shouldn't. Once the turps starts to flow freely and a few sausage rolls are consumed, groping the bosses arse and photocopying your naked rear end seems like the best idea in the world. There's something in us which embraces stupidity like a teddy bear, clinging to the little sucker for its worth and not letting go until a heighten state of maturity is reached.

It's a strange time of year where the zanier people act the more socially accepted it seems to be. Clubs spawn novelty events such as Christmas Eve clubbing, Boxing Day recovery sessions and other events invented from cash-hungry promoters.

The social nightlife begins in earnest very, very soon. Are you ready- Can you handle the month of December where a wallet of cheer and a cheeky smile will get you a long way-

If you see your boss dancing to cheesy '70s music or if you happen to witness a colleague running around with trousers down to ankle level, just pity them and keep the encouragement to a minimum. They don't get out much. Just bear in mind that the lonely and inebriated figure which needs assistance getting into a taxi at 11.30pm, kebab in one hand and beer bottle in the other, is likely to be you in a few years time.