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Sorted! Sessles March Guide to Events in Melbourne

Author: Sessles
Thursday, March 2, 2006
I can't believe what a hectic month February was...completely out of control! What's even more unbelievable is the March that is coming up which will be just as out of control. I don't even know how I'm going to be able to fill my little old diary in with all this information, especially since there's a few things to attend each weekend. Check it out:

This Friday (3rd March) Hardware have decided to give the all famous Blackstrobe an extra show after their awesome Two Tribes set. I was quite unfortunate in missing their set at Two Tribes and I'm told that they're unbelievable and if I have the opportunity to catch the set then I should. This Friday is also being graced with Quality Control. I've been unfortunate enough to have missed the previous Quality Control as well which was also apparently very good so I'm going to do the right thing and attend this one. On the other hand, if you like to venture into the deep and dark then Darkbeat will be the place to be. Darkbeat will be featuring Phil K this week who I haven't seen in quite a while and who I have of course, missed. Phil will also be playing alongside Rollin Connection who are becoming more popular each time they play.

The following Friday is also quite hectic with at least a couple of events to choose from, (or maybe I'll just attend them both)! First up we've got Neon Electric who will be presenting none other than the Tickled Pink Queen, Danni B, which I definitely will not miss out on. Unfortunately Pressure will no longer be presenting Steve Gerrard due to a mix up with Sydney, but it will still be on and still be rocking so it's definitely one to check out.

The same Sunday KISS FM will be presenting Kiss My Grass at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. I'm quite partial to the Music Bowl, especially on a 29 degree day Sunday when I also have the Monday off. What more could I ask for!- To be completely honest the music isn't exactly my favourite style but it's the perfect style for a good hot Sunday and I'll definitely be checking out good ol' Sean Quinn and the very sexy Miss Chris. On the Monday after Kiss My Grass the Sidney Myer Music Bowl will continue to rock as Earthcore in the Park is on. I'm not sure what the weather will be like but I think I'm going to be spending most of my weekend at the Music Bowl because Infected Mushroom are playing amongst many many others. Only problem is that I've heard a little baby rumour that Skazi is playing that day for free, the details of which I'm not sure if I can disclose, but I think if I have to chose between free Skazi and expensive Earthcore I'm going to go with Skazi.

Two days after this on the Wednesday is Kosheen. I'm a huge fan of Kosheen and I've been listening to their 'Resist' album in my car for the last few weeks and still haven't gotten sick of it. I'm really looking forward to this one.

On Friday 24th March (what's with all the hardcore Fridays) Sunny and Lasergun will be presenting Trentemoller, yay!! I'm a big Trentemoller fan and I'm really looking forward to this one as well.

On the following Friday 31st March will be none other than the infamous Tickled Pink! I'll of course be attending, and this one should be heaps and heaps of fun because we've got the good 'ol Grand Poobah playing alongside good ol' Hypnose for a classic DJ set. I haven't heard a classic set in quite a while and with a yummy lychee flavoured drink in my hand (having already consumed several) and the rocken crowd TP gets I'm sure it'll be a top night!

So that's it from me once again. March is a friendly month as all the events I've mentioned mainly involve a Friday night and a 2 day recovery, so happy March, see you around!!

If you want to check out any further details on the events mentioned, or disagree with my recommendations and what to find other events go to our events page by clicking the link below.