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'Spin Doctor #8: 'P.R. Group Pressure' by Stuart Evans

Author: Stuart Evans
Wednesday, November 1, 2006
It may seem like a while ago but I was once a teenager who enjoyed little more than going out and sampling the delights of music and alcohol on a Saturday night.

Ok, so things change. Music progresses, people's tastes diversify, and age creeps up faster than a receding hair line.

While once venturing out at least once a week was not a choice but a requirement, these days stepping outside the front door is more likely to be fortnightly or monthly . The 'scene' that we all adore has changed, and continues to do so. It's a case of embracing the new and learning from the old.
Dance music has been around for a while, but, sadly so has the politics that surround our sphere of influence.

Regardless of the politics in dance music, one thing that hasn't changed is people's seemingly insipid desire to categorise what musical genre we 'belong to.'

The gang rivalry hasn't died. It's alive and well and sitting in dj's records bags, ready to be passed onto the gawping crowd who lap up their tunes faster than a kitten to milk.

If electro takes your fancy, why can't you also enjoy the soulful and more seductive side of house as well- Does it make you a lesser person- Will the turntable deck-heads chastise and scrutinise your every move- Who cares!

If a record 'goes commercial' (read: charts high on the nationals and makes it onto commercial radio), do you fear an atomic wedgy if you admit buying - or listening - to it-

From acid house to rave, commercial crossover floor fillers to r n b - music is something that moves the feet and elevates the mind into a positive state of being.

Music is music, regardless of the genre it fills. Call me an optimist, but It would be nice to think that music has progressed from the "us verses you" mentality. After all, can't we all just get along-

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