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Fuze - Drug Overdoses, Arrests: Just Say 'Careful'

Author: Aaron Roach
Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Over the last few weeks, the atmosphere surrounding festival culture has thrown up overdoses, arrests, seizures and violence. Has Australia's once great love of festivals been tainted by the ascending stature of the shadow issues-

While the more mainstream events like Big Day Out and the like have always been able to throw up a good party without too many distractions, it's the smaller festivals that are now taking centre stage thanks to the constant media spotlight exploiting the culture surrounding dance music.

Unfortunately, though, dance music revellers leave themselves wide open for the bad publicity with the constantly uneducated and harsh consequences of drug taking.less than five years ago, having two festivals a year would be enough for any lover of music
Years ago, crews like Rave Safe were allowed to set up shop at parties and educate people, ensuring there was at least some form of harm minimisation in place. As festivals became increasingly popular, however, the room for such crews became minimal.

It's not just the substance abuse, though.

With so many festivals being available to people, more often than not, it will attract the wrong kind of people, the ones only there to screw it for everyone else. Earlier this year, Future Music Festival suffered bad publicity after two people were stabbed during the event.

While violence is always a factor at any festival, it was never an issue at a dance music event, something that was highlighted at the recent Caracas tragedy in which four South Americans were slain at a Carl Cox gig. How long until someone decides it's time to pull out a gun at one of our festivals-

It's almost inconceivable to think that, less than five years ago, having two festivals a year would be enough for any lover of music.

Most go to each and every event, which begs the question: are there just too many now-