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Sorted! Sessles Monthly Guide to Melbourne

Author: sessles
Friday, November 25, 2005
Being the manager of events for Tranzfusion I thought it might be a good idea to give our lovely subscribers and lucky freeloaders a rundown of 'what's hot right now' in terms of upcoming events. Having been partying for nearly six years now I consider myself to be well in-the-know when it comes to what rocks and what doesn't! ;)

I'm extremely happy to have the honour of beginning my first column with a reference to my favourite all time DJ, Sasha. Sasha is the king. I cannot put it any other way. I will never be able to name my favourite track, my favourite CD, my favourite set, my favourite vinyl, or even my favourite animal, but I can confidently say that Sasha is my favourite DJ. I owned his EP's on vinyl even though I had no decks, I have the 'Fundacion' album on both CD and vinyl, (even though I can't figure out how to mix any of the songs, bastards, it's nearly as difficult as the 'Northern Exposure' album which I also own on both vinyl and CD!)

I could write a thesis on how good Sasha is, but for now I'll keep it simple, I've seen him before, and I'll see him again, and again and again etc. Future Entertainment is bringing him back on the 10th December and it's NOT TO BE MISSED!!

Future Entertainment are also presenting 'Mischief' with Mark Farina, who is known for his 'mushroom house' and will also be a good gig for the month. Mischief will be held at the HiFi Bar, a great venue that I'd long since forgotten, so it should be interesting to go back there and reminisce.

For those of you who missed the Earthcore carnival, Earthcore have organised events for the feature artists/DJ's who are still in town. Tsyoshi Suzuki, Juno Reactor & Ott will be playing at Prince on Friday 2nd December, competing with Perry Farrel and Will White who are playing at Room 680 that same night. I highly recommend Tsyoshi and Juno and I'm sure Prince will be a superbly rocking place to be that night. Hallucinogen will be playing live, followed by a Simon Posford DJ set the following Friday, which is also not to be missed. I would go into the details of why all of these artists will blow you away but I want to keep it short, so you'll just have to trust me!

For those of you who like the smaller, more intimate Melbourne events I'd recommend 'Move,' a cool little night held at Tilt bar bringing you party breaks, funky electro and phat beats. They're having great success at the moment and their last party for the year should be lots of fun. For all of you techno bunnies, get your ass's down to DJ Misjah presented by Technoir, and last but not least, for all you house music lovers none other than the infamous Derrick L Carter will be playing this month at Seven nightclub. You know you can't miss this.

So that's my round up for now. As you can see December will be huge, with lots more events going on than I can think to mention, so check it out in our events page by clicking on 'events' on the tranzfusion home page. Or just click below on related link: