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The FuZe - Volume Two

Author: Aaron Roach
Wednesday, April 4, 2007
Internet threads around the...erm...Internet are letting the people know that, according to the WMC, trance is the big mover 'n' shaker this year.

The proclamation means that the current flavours of the now, electro and minimal, will once again drift off into the ether.

This is where we need to stop and have a little bit of a think as to what's going on.

Anyone else a bit curious as to the way dance music is becoming a parallel clone of pop culture, reinventing itself every couple of years-

Trend is the biggest player in the recycled market (better known as 'can't be fucked putting together a new style...people are suckers and will buy into the bullshit that gets classed as "trends"'.), and it's no surprise that we're seeing haircuts from the '80s again. It wasn't too long before that we were experiencing the '70s side of things. I'm concerned by the fact that, since we're moving on from the '80s trends, we'll see the re-emergence of Cross Colours.

It scares the shit out of me.

Anyway...back to music.

Dance music is obviously never going to be categorised as 'ground-breaking'. If you're honest with yourself, it's pretty clear that dance music is not synonymous with originality. If it was, we wouldn't have a 4-4 time signature to dance to. Sure, there are the dudes that make you listen with some amazing shit, but you're not dancing, so it's not really dance music. You 'dance' to dance music.

Having said that, it feels as though we are about to go through another trend of listening to trance (thanks WMC), the stuff of the late '90s that made everyone peak just that little bit harder (the pile of used glowsticks can still be dimly seen down at the sheds in Melbourne). Before that, we had a massive dose of techno and before that, it was electro (the real stuff, kids). Before that, we had trance, which went back to techno and then kind of started back in house.

It made sense to me.

Anyhoo...Tiesto must feel a bit warm inside knowing that he'll get booked for even more gigs now.

'Ello Again

Aaron Roach