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Fuze 7 - Ibiza And British Lifestyle

Author: Aaron Roach
Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Another year, another blow to dance music lovers across the world.

Recent reports from the island of love stated that the government moved in on three well known clubs (DC10, Bora Bora and Amnesia) after it was alleged drugs had been circulating throughout the hot spots. The official people in charge of things decided they had no choice but to suspend business due to the nature of the illicit substance trade.

While the circumstances surrounding the clamp down on the three nights are legitimate in that there are illegal trades making their way around the events, it's something that you'd assume would be commonplace at a place that's known as 'The Summer of Love'. Assumptions are only just that, but it's hard to find a reason as to why the government has only now decided to act.

In what is a major precedent for the biggest event on the dance calendar, how long will it be before the rest of the clubs face the prospect of shutting their doors to the punters. Importantly, is it only a matter of time before revellers stop heading there-

The biggest challenge that arises from such circumstances is that if Ibiza becomes a zero-tolerance regime, British people will no longer have tans and will walk around with their heads hanging low. Why would the little island that is so full of warmth, sun and love be so inclined to alienate a culture that doesn't know what it's like to have lovely weather for more than four seconds in a row-

I think I've nailed it here. I believe that the English have such a mildly disappointed way about them that they don't know what's hit them when they knock back a couple of love tablets and...wait for! When you think of it, though, it's not the Brits' fault that they have found this "Oh...My...God. I am so ALIVE!" persona through visiting the hottest destination on the planet. Fair go, I reckon.

Maybe it's the Spanish Government's ultimate plan: rid their island of loud-mouthed, obnoxious, overweight, topless male Brits. The pictures from around the world only help attest to the fact that the English don't have much social etiquette - irony at its finest, really, considering they have a seriously defined social-class structure and if you can't roll the 'R', you're not worthy of the citizenship. Then again, the government only have to be in one rival club's pocket to get their official on.

Can anyone remember what "E-beef-ah" was like before it became a dance haven-

'Ello, Flat White

Aaron Roach