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Fuze - 3

Author: Aaron Roach
Thursday, May 24, 2007
Smokers now have less than two months before they won't be able to lung tickle in the comfy environments of a nightclub.

As you know, from the 1st of July this year, you will no longer be allowed to get your nicotine on in any enclosed licensed areas. From this, there are a number of topics that could begin their own threads, but I'll keep that down to a minimum for now.

Let's have a look at some of those positive aspects such a move will make for the clubbing scene:

- Your lungs won't be rife with second-hand smoke *cough*
- You'll walk out of a club without the staining smell of cigarettes on your clothes
- There'll be no chances of putting your fingers in an ashtray that has the 'chewing gum surprise'
- You'll be able to use two hands for drinking
- There'll be no chance of hitting someone in the head with a lit cigarette

That last is something I'm an advocate of, if only for the fact that when I was traversing the wondrous Famous dancefloor during Sashweed set, a young woman whacked hers over my face, looked down at her cigarette and looked back at me as if she had been put out by the whole thing. I assumed that she'd put out in some other way by the end of the night, so I let it go. are some negatives:

- Your lungs will be rife with the smell of smokers using the outdoor area
- You'll walk out of the club with the smell of bad odours, farts and club-stained alcohol environments
- You'll be angry at the fact you can't smoke in the same place and take it out on the person next to you, thus increasing bar violence across the state
- You'll put your fingers under the bar's edge and find 'chewing gum surprise'

In the end, no-one wins.

Everyone loses.

'Ello, Bleak Outlook

Aaron Roach