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Fuze 5 - Paris Hilton Freed From Jail

Author: Aaron Roach
Friday, June 8, 2007
It'd be rude of us not to include this tidbit on our website, as it's probably the biggest news in the world right now: Paris Hilton has been freed from jail after serving five days in solitary confinement.

Put down to 'nervous breakdown', Hilton has been reassigned and will now serve out her sentence in a much less comfortable confine - her mansion.

There is obviously a law for people who can afford to leave jail, and another for those who face more than just a bit of a cry because they haven't got their luxuries. More than anything, it highlights the fact that there is a major line in the sand when it comes to being a convicted inmate, and being a convicted celebrity inmate.

The only people that also enjoy the comforts of their confines are the people of the Big Brother Australia house. Yeah, Big 'Bother' is available in other countries, but if you feel you identify with the plight of Emma (seriously, there aren't that many more insecure people than this chick) and her ramblings to manipulate those around her to reinforce how 'cool' she is, then you're definitely a superficial dipshit and suffer from severe brain farting.

Obviously, this isn't something that has much to do with dance music, which can only be seen as a good thing. Having said that, though, there are some wanker producers and DJs out there who think they've done enough to treat other people like shit (and even Aussie DJs who've done about five minutes of work and think they're the shit).

The biggest bitches in our scene are those who've been around a lot longer than they should've been. So what if they released a record that heralded a new time for electronic music- They're still playing the same sound, for crying out loud. It's not as if they've done much more than that since. They still play records as if it's 1991 at some bloody rave in the back of a shed.

Thank the heavens music has evolved enough that we don't have to listen to old, shitty 'dance' records that were never that good in the first place. Some of them are timeless, but many of them remain distant memories.

I struggle to see the difference between Paris Hilton and 'famous' producers and DJs, sometimes.