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Just for the Record Part Five

Author: Matt Solo aka DJ Promo
Friday, May 5, 2006
In June 2006, DJ Promo, who played at famous UK superclub Ministry of Sound and a host of international venues will attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the longest DJ session in history. His mission: to smash the existing record of 84 hours by a full 16 hours, raising the bar to a new total of 100 hours live, continuous mixing. That's four-and-a-half days at the decks, without sleep or, more importantly, illegal stimulants, and all to raise vital funds for charity. This is his story.

Chapter Five: That's Entertainment

By now, we'd made a 1½ minute promotional video for the record attempt, which received a standing ovation from Fed Square. We had hoped we could "borrow" some time-lapse footage of the square from ABC, but the price we were quoted for doing so proved prohibitively expensive.

The event was gaining another dimension too, courtesy of The Big Issue. They suggested we incorporate a miniature version of the Homeless Football World Cup, where vendors of the magazine come from all over the world to play against one another. We had to scale the plans down to a penalty shoot-out for safety (and lack of space) reasons, but it's still firmly on the agenda.

Other performers soon started queuing up for a spot on the sidelines: there'll be a live Techno set by Dean Jones of Melbourne Techno Vinyl; tribal dancers; a display by flare barmen; Hunts Fitness Club are bringing their spinning bikes; Kiss FM will be hosting a roadshow from outside the venue; plus there'll be live MC work courtesy of Honeysmack and a vocal session from Sara Bee (of Red Bee). More acts are being confirmed every week and what started life as a one-dimensional event is now starting to feel like a full-on festival.

Next on the agenda is to start contacting entertainers' agents and invite the cream of Australian celebrities to get involved in the event. We're currently courting a major international name to announce the moment the record's broken but it's all very hush-hush at this stage, so Watch This Space.