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The FuZe - Volume One

Author: Aaron Roach
Wednesday, March 28, 2007
So, being on board as Editor of the site, I can pretty much do what I want. This is the first of my rants (sorta).

Yes, it was another massive time of the year for festivals. We know you know (and we have the proof that some of you were there!)

The issue is the fact that there is no time to just chill out any more! Gone are the days of yearning for a party to attend to, let alone a kick-ass day (or night) that brings all of your favourite internationals and locals into the one arena...every bloody month!

Maybe it's a time for us old kids to realise that the proliferation of the dance music culture has become widely accepted by not only the glowstick 'w00t you love your hardcore-' ravers ( just feels so bad saying that word now), but also the Von-Dutch collared, trendy-wristband wearing generation.

It's easy to assume that this has just been a natural progression from the shady days of Shed 4 and the likes of MUD parties in the dodgy warehouses of Footscray, but here's a rundown of things that have shaped the way we perceive the dance music lifestyle.

- Ministry of Sound Annual

That's about it, really.

Due to the nature of these mix CDs, not to mention the chart penetration of the likes of TV Rock et al, it's no wonder more people are enticed to head to a music festival squarely based around hearing this music the whole day.

While us older kids can sit here and go "whoa is me, every stage has the same music these days", just look back a few years to when bangin' techno was all the rage and no matter which stage you visited, even the chilled out areas, you'd hear Thomas Schumacher's When I Rock, and it was something to see (you'll get the pun if "you know").

It's easy to be cynical about the culture - I make no attempt to hide the notion that I'm more than ready to head to the greener pastures of Chillout (minus Schumacher) than sit here and jack up the latest mix of Electro (labelled incorrectly, but what are you gonna do-).

I'm also ready to accept the idea that our scene has evolved to a level that means we're not just hiding in the seedy asbestos-laden warehouses of yesteryear, where the bass would almost rip off the roof (it was cool, though).

It's a good thing.

Whatever...just enjoy the news to the right of this ramble.

'Ello New World
Aaron Roach

Normally, this is where I write about my experiences in the world of stuff, but because I rule this site now, that'll have to do...