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Fuze 4 - Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears

Author: Aaron Roach
Tuesday, June 5, 2007
The dance music scene has never been held in the same esteem for those who love a mainstream jaunt.

The mere thought of 'click whir whir click (repeat)' sends most of the younger generation into an all-encompassing, 'techno bullshit' realm*. It's important to highlight some of the more 'acclaimed' artists of pop culture and their wonderous escapades through life. Even a wonderful website such as TranZfusion is interested in what goes on in the pseudo-celebrity world (the mere thought of 'celebrity' being associated with the likes of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan is a laugh). Let's have a quick look-see.

It doesn't get much bigger than the Paris Hilton Extravaganza. The social misfit (*cough* whore bag cough*) is now serving time behind bars for violating her probation. It's fair to assume that, after she found God in the 11th hour and swears her life has changed, she is only setting the trend (yardstick, which we're sure she'll be manipulating while away from the men) for the closely-following Lindsay Lohan.

Talk about your Johnny Come Lately. Here's a chick that's only been on the scene as long as she's had some knockers and she's already on the denigrating warpath. While she's never been a TranZfusion favourite (she's ginger, enough said), she's certainly doing enough to warrant time within the wider community with all her Paris emulations. She's not bad, but she's not great.

Where would we be without a mention of Britney Spears- Better off, I assume, but she deserves to be mentioned in the same breath after attending rehab and allegedly trying to commit suicide with 'demonic 666' written across her forehead. Fuckin' beautiful. It's from News Of The World, so we know it's bullshit, but it's at least worth a mention. Here's her quote of the month: "It is ok to disagree with people regarding certain issues. You're not being true to yourself if you succumb to others' opinions because you feel guilty."


Anyway, back to the original sentence: 'The dance music scene has never been held in the same esteem for those who love a mainstream jaunt.'

Thank-fucking-Christ for that!

'Ello, Doof Doof

Aaron Roach

(*who the hell uses the world 'realm' any more-)