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Tickled Pink for Chicks

Author: Danni B, Sass & Miss Chris
Saturday, October 29, 2005
This column is aimed at the sexy, sassy ladies of the scene. Tickled Pink's 3 resident DJ's will be keeping you up to date with the latest fashion, music & Melbourne scene happenings as seen through the female eye.

The Music
Having been fortunate enough to spend last weekend in Sydney (and being lucky enough to roll up at Chinese Laundry to find Disko D and Bass Kleph playing), I managed to stumble across a One Stop DJ store off Oxford Street (purely by accident of course!).

Even though I'm on a bit of a tight budget, the helpful guys at One Stop managed to pick out a couple of choice tunes that I just had to have.

First up, even though I'm not a die hard fan of Mylo (or even a fan at all), my ears pricked up at the sound of the dirtiest of dirty remixes by the man, of Freeform Five's No More Conversations. Being a sucker for a phat bass line, this one had me hook line and sinker. Only having sampled a short snippet of the original vocal early on in the track, the rest of it is dripping with pure, driving, electro goodness. Although a couple of the percussive break downs mid way sounded a bit out of place, all in all it was a pretty good effort.

Now for a home grown track out on Hussle Recordings, Love is War (the Goodwill & mrT Rework) proves to be a funky electro/disco edged track with some Tiga-esque vocals. Even though it is a nicely produced track from 1gnition, I still believe it will end up being hammered on Nova… that's not to say it won't be lapped up on the house club dance floors of Melbourne… hands in the air!!

Thank goodness for the US based Greenhouse label. Another golden track pressed on this label from Fraid So. Twitchin is just my cup of tea. Jackin' Chicago house with quirky vocal samples, a subtle melody and again a filthy bass line. It's sure to have booties shakin' all over the place… well at least mine will!

The 'So Hot Right Now' Stuff
Well what isn't hot right now in Melbourne- the sun is shining, the ladies are stripping off into shorts & singlets & everyone is Spring Racing mad. Summer is almost here!
Have you ever noticed that mid winter your gym is empty & you are free to ride the cross trainer until your legs are almost breaking- But once summer is approaching you have to fight the girl next to you for 5 minutes on the treadmill! Well that's because everyone likes to feel good about themselves in summertime & a big part of that is getting fit. So we say its time to join the gym, buy a bike to ride along the beach or just start parking further away from work so you can get a 15 minute walk in before & after work. Looking good is a state of mind, if you feel it, you look it! You will be in those 'Kylie' style hotpants in no time (If you're interested in readng more check out Sarah West's column titled 'Weekend warrrior' released earlier in the week.)

Another way of looking good is to accessorise & there is no better way than with a stylish designer bag. Our "So Hot Right Now" item of the month is the Mia by MsAnna 'Braided Leather Mini'. Perfect for a day at the races.
To receive a free catalogue call 1300 MSANNA (1300 672 662) or email:

The Lifestyle
I've been asked to write the 'lifestyle' section of the Tickled Pink column and I've decided to discuss something that thankfully doesn't affect everyone's life, but most people will somehow be effected by it
in their lifetime, and it's cancer. This month happens to be Pink Ribbon Breast Awareness month and for those of you that don't know
each entry into the next Tickled Pink will be making a donation of $1 of that entry fee to the Cancer Foundation.

Booby cancer isn't pretty, and affects too many women and their families and friends around the world. Due to foundat