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Wildstylez - Live Transmission

Author: Rezo
Monday, May 25, 2009

Dutch producer Wildstylez chats to 3D’s Rezo ahead of his set at the final Transmission this weekend.

Tell us how you got started in music…

I started to produce hardstyle about six years ago and I released my first record in 2004, but at that time I was working with another guy under the name Seizure. We went our separate ways after three years and then Wildstylez was born. Since that time I changed my style a little and then signed a contract with Scantraxx. So from there things just took off, I started to play at big events in Holland and now I’m invited to come to Australia.

How did the hookup with Headhunterz and The Project come about-

My first release at Scantraxx was on Reloaded (Headhunterz’s sub-label) so we had to do a little mixing together, we had a great time in the studio and became good friends. Since then we’ve made a few tracks together and at the beginning of 2008 we decided to start a new project and so from here Project One was born.

What are some of your inspirations and influences-

I get my inspiration everywhere – when I’m watching TV, when I’m driving in my car listening to the radio, even when I’m in my bed. And, of course, when I’m listening to other hardstyle tracks, especially those from Technoboy, Headhunterz, Showtek and The Noisecontrollers. And a crowd going crazy!

What was is about hardstyle that appealed to you- Is the Dutch scene the best in the world-

The catchy tunes and the pumping beats, and I think the scene in Holland is maybe the best, but that’s because most of the producers are from Holland and we have the most parties. But sometimes it feels like the people in Holland are a little spoiled, ’cause you can visit, like, 10 hardstyle parties every weekend... So the atmosphere is much better in other countries.

Tell us about your new releases- What else have you been up to the studio-

I have a lot of new stuff coming. I have a release together with Headhunterz and The Noisecontrollers called Tonight, there is also a new solo release called The Phantom Beat with B-side Single Sound and The Noisecontrollers remix of K.Y.H.U. will also be released in few weeks. So lots of new stuff. And I think someday I will start to make an artist album, but that is something for the future. It will certainly not be this year.

Finally, tell us about the project with Headhunterz – what are you hoping to achieve together-

We wanted to make an album, which we did last year, but we want to keep the performances very exclusive... Because the focus stays on our main projects (Wildstylez and Headhunterz). So we are not really trying to achieve anything. It’s more like a project for the love of hardstyle.

WHO: Wildstylez
WHAT: Plays Transmission at Sydney Olympic Sports Centre
WHEN: Saturday 30 May