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Trevor Loveys - Loveys In The Air

Author: NJ
Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The ‘godfather of fidget’, Trevor Loveys, speaks to 3D’s NJ about starting out as a b-boy and hooking up with Switch, Herve and Jesse Rose.

You’re known as the ‘Godfather of fidget’, as a collaborator with the fellas now individually known as Switch, Herve and Jesse Rose – can you recall when you first struck upon the idea of mixing main room house with wobbly garage basslines-

I guess when I first started working with Dave Taylor, and we started the Switch thing, we wanted to fuse all the elements we loved about house, disco, drum n bass, garage, etc! House had got a bit stagnant and we thought it needed a kick up the arse a bit; then working with Jesse and Herve, who were good friends, we just all had a similar feeling about what we wanted to do with the music.

We hear you grew up as a B-boy, so was it your early love of hip hop that lead to combining the disciplines into the genre now described as fidget- Were there other influences in there, like jungle-
Yeah, I’m an old school B-boy, as was Dave, so that played a big part – as well as a love of funk and jazz and all dancefloor music, but hip hop and electro definitely played their part in shaping our sound back then.

Your three contemporaries of the ‘fidget scene’ are all very well travelled and well known out here in Australia, but we haven’t seen you on the festival circuit here as yet – why is that-
It’s true: it’s the first time for me down under. I always got put off by the long flight, but I’m over that now – Sinden, Switch and Jesse seem to get out a lot, so I think that’s gonna change for me now too. Good to be here for sure – like the beer and sunshine big time.

What are you working on at the moment-
I’m just finishing a mix for Big Dada back in the UK – a new band called Thunderheist. After that I’m doing a mix compilation and working on my artist album with various collaborations with MCs and friends… really looking forward to it.

Any more collaborations on the cards-

Yeah, I’m in the process of sorting the collaborations out now. I’m gonna be working with Foreign Beggars, an MC called Spoek from South Africa and doing some bits for the next Machines Don’t Care with Herve. So far…

Bit of an all-encompassing questions, but what direction do you see house music going in at the end of decade and beyond-
I think the people are a lot more open-minded now: so many styles fusing together so there will be a lot of fusions going on. I would like the deeper side to start coming in, but on the dancefloor tip also disco and old school style melodies. Loads of stuff still needs to be explored again with a fresh approach.

You’re playing Wham in Sydney shortly – can you reveal anything of what you have planned for your set-

I will definitely be dropping a lot of new mixes: a mix up of all thing dancefloor!

WHO: Trevor Loveys
WHAT: Plays Wham at World Bar
WHEN: Saturday 28 March