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Thundamentals - Thundastruck

Author: Matt Unicomb
Monday, May 25, 2009

In the midst of preparing for the recording of their debut LP, local crew Thundamentals have just embarked on a national tour supporting Astronomy Class. 3D’s Matt Unicomb gets the rundown from MC Jeswon.

One of 2008’s favourite hip hop breakthroughs, Sydney’s Thundamentals, are back. After spending the last six months bathing in the success of their self-titled debut EP, the four-piece, are ready to hit the studio. After sell out launches, along with extensive radio and press coverage, the 'Thundas have decided to, once again, pick up the pen, dust off the vinyl, and get back to work.

Released in September last year, the quartet’s maiden offering, astoundingly placed them atop of 2008’s release pile, earning them the title of ‘Best EP’ in the revered’s yearly wrap up, and scored them spots in each of Australia’s hip hop friendly publications’ end-of-year reviews. Luckily, for us, the Thundas’ approach to writing quality rap music hasn’t changed. However, now with some recording experience, and an appraised EP behind them, things can only get better. “Writing for the EP was, pretty much, our first foray into recording,” the MC explains. “We’d never been in that professional studio environment. With this album, we’ve done the EP, along with stuff with other people, so we know what we’re doing, and how to approach it. The actual writing of the tracks isn’t that different – we’re still writing [the kind of] music that we want to hear. Since the EP was received pretty well, it has inspired us to work as hard as we can, and make something that’s going to top the EP.”

From the onset, the group agreed to approach writing tracks with a balanced mindset, intending to rule out any prospects of being pigeon-hold into certain sub-genres, or styles. “Before we started writing, we all agreed that we wanted a balanced product,” Jeswon says. “I think it has stuff on there for everyone. There’s the hard hitting stuff, then there’s stuff that’s a bit more approachable, especially for people who don’t really get into hip hop. We just didn’t want anyone, after this album, to be able to say that, ‘Oh, they only do one type of hip hop’. It’s going to be something for any haters out there to be like, ‘Actually, they can do this type of song’. Hopefully, everyone will get a slice of what they enjoy.”

Having recently embarked on an 11-date tour with Elefant Traks trio Astronomy ClassOzi Batla, Chasm, Sir Robbo – the Thundas couldn’t be happier. “I’m stoked. I look up to those guys – they’ve been doing it for a long time. I’d love to be able to do this for a significant amount of time, and to see guys out there, like Ozi Batla, killing it, is inspiring. For those guys to recognise us – I don’t know if they see what we’re doing as similar to what they’re doing – I, kind of feel, like we’re kindred spirits in a lot of ways.”

WHO: Thundamentals
WHAT: Play Annandale Hotel / Baroque, Katoomba / Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay
WHEN: Friday 5 June / Sunday 7 / Sunday 21