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Punks Jump Up - Jump Up To Get Down

Author: Nina Bertok
Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3D’s Nina Bertok talks to Swedish/English duo Punks Jump Up, about to bring their eclectic electro to Sydney ears.

“Music brought us together, and it will probably tear us apart too,” jokes DJ/producer David Anderson of Punks Jump Up, though from the way this duo is going, it isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

After first meeting some years ago at a gig in Sweden, David and fellow PJU DJ Joe Attard discussed the prospect of putting some tracks together after hearing one another’s set. The union never happened, however, as the promise of working together in the future was made under the influence of some serious booze. But what is meant to be will be, according to Joe, because a few years later the pair was destined to cross paths once again.

“We hooked up again by chance at a later stage, which was pretty amazing,” Joe recalls. “I was running a Swedish club night and David got in touch with me, though I had no idea it was the same David I’d talked about working with earlier. Looking back on it, that was clearly fate. Once we met up, we both realised that we knew each other already and so we though, ‘okay, let’s really do something together this time.’ I dropped the Swedish club night thing altogether and David and I started just doing parties.”

It’s taken a while, but finally the duo will have a chance to bring their wild party nights to Australia this month, along with some brand new remixes they’re looking forward to showing off.

“You wouldn’t believe it, but we were meant to come to Australia about five or six times by now and it’s never worked out,” claims David. “This time we are really coming. And we’re expecting a lot from you guys because we’ve got a lot of friends who have said the parties in Australia are amazing and the scene is incredible.”

Though, it won’t be all about the parties for PJU down under, as Joe adds. “We are really into the Australian sound. In the UK and Europe in general, there is a real buzz going on about Australian music right now. You can be sure that the rest of the world is definitely well aware of the music you guys are making. In fact, Australia is one of the biggest countries in the world right now when it comes to club and electronic music. Midnight Juggernauts, Cut Copy, Pnau, all those guys are well-known.”

During PJU’s two-week visit, Joe and David say they hope to put their heads together with some of Australia’s leading DJs and producers and make some magic in the studio.

“We’ll have some time off between gigs,” reveals David, “so we are hoping to be able to hook up with some people we’ve previously met while they’ve been in Europe. It definitely won’t be all about the play, it’ll be about the work too for us.”

As for the duo’s live set, Joe says, “We’ll be re-adjusting our usual set for you guys a little bit, and we’ve got a whole bunch of new surprise remixes as well, so we can’t wait to get there.”

WHO: Punks Jump Up
WHAT: Play Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturday 28 March