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Paolo Mojo - More Mojo

Author: 3D
Monday, May 18, 2009

People have often spoken about Paolo Mojo as one of the biggest names in the underground house scene. Do you think you’ve outgrown that “underground” title yet-
Depends on your point of view. I don’t get my records played on mainstream radio outside of specialist shows, really, so I don’t think I’ve outgrown the underground. On the other hand, ones man’s underground is another man’s, er, meat, or something like that. I was never very good with metaphors.

Your tunes are dropped regularly on BBC Radio 1, you’ve toured the globe and you’re not slowing down. It doesn’t take much to realise how far you’ve come since you were playing house parties back in college, but what pushed you or inspired you to take your career to the next level-
To be honest, the thing that spurred me on after years of basically being lazy was seeing friends of mine begin to get bookings, and overseas ones at that. At that point in time, 2000, 2001… it seemed like the height of achievement to be flown somewhere to play music. Still is really in many ways, but that was definitely the spur that, er, broke the camel’s back. See- There I go again. Keep me away from mixed metaphors.

Pete Tong’s a big fan of the Paolo Mojo sound, how much does that mean to you as a producer- Is there anyone’s approval that really lets you know you’ve done something great when it comes to a new track or a mix-
Yeah of course, DJs that I rate, like Hawtin, Tenaglia, Garnier, Digweed, etc… if they come back with a positive reaction to something you’ve done that always gives you a little ‘woody in your sweats’, as they say. Pete has always been a great supporter of new music, and my new music, so he’s alright in my book.

You dropped a Sebastien Tellier track on the end of your Balance 009 mix, is that a reflection of what you’re listening to away from the dancefloor- Is there any particular music scene your really into apart from your own-

It might sound clichéd but I really do listen to all sorts of stuff away from the club. I can always find the art and the endeavour in any sort of music, to be honest. I appreciate the craft that goes into anything that hits a chord with people…on a commercial or a creative level. My iPod is a strange concoction of film soundtracks, The Libertines, Duran Duran, Duke Ellington, Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66, Stock Aitken and Waterman (yes really), something new Andy Chatterley wanted me to listen to, Steely Dan and Handel’s Water Music. And that was just yesterday.

WHO: Paolo Mojo
WHAT: Plays Chinese Laundry’s 12th Birthday
WHEN: Saturday 23 May