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Nick Warren - Westbound Bound

Author: Scott Henderson
Monday, April 6, 2009

Nick Warren talks to 3D’s Scott Henderson about mixes, new talent to watch and the Way Out West album.

Last year saw you release your eighth Global Underground CD (Lima) – how has the music changed since you recorded your first (Live in Prague) 11 years ago and where does this one rank compared to your past mixes-
When I listen to some of my early albums it does make me cringe a little. As a DJ I think I have matured and am a little more choosy about what makes it on to the albums – some of the early ones were very raw and mixed live on vinyl. Lima is my favourite one, but I suppose that makes sense being the most recent.

You’ve been working as the head of A&R for Hope Recordings for a little while now, how much have you enjoyed this role and how demanding is it-

It’s been great fun but it’s very tough these days – free downloading has made the job of releasing music a nightmare. We try to support new artists but it’s terrible that a lot of them cannot make an income from making music.

Where is all the new talent coming from and who have you signed so far that we should be on the look out for-
I have just signed Thomas Sagstad from Norway and a great, talented guy Tom Glass. Also look out for two guys from Amsterdam called Edwin and Ferdy, who make very classy music.

Under Hope, Jody Wisternoff and yourself have been working on new material as Way Out West – how satisfying is it being back in the studio working on a new album-
It’s been fabulous, the new album (We Love Machine) is very close to completion and is, I feel, our best work so far. I will be playing tracks from it on the tour.

Does the single Spaceman, which was released last year, suggest the new album be a return to more instrumental-led house and how close is it to being completed-
Spaceman won’t be on the album, although we have some strong instrumental club tracks on there – we have used a vocalist and for the first time it’s a guy, he is from New York and has a great voice. Both Jody and I are big fans of the current cosmic disco sound and we have written a couple of tracks along those lines as well as some chill-out.

What kind of set have you get planned for Sydneysiders planning on seeing you at Chinese Laundry-
My sound at the moment is all about melody and energy, the minimal bubble is bursting and that’s no bad thing.

WHO: Nick Warren
WHAT: Plays Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturday 11 April