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Nick Sentience - Psych-Out

Author: 3D
Monday, May 25, 2009

Dropping by Home to play Psyblime, Nick Sentience has already been pushing the hard dance envelope for a decade and as he tells 3D, he’s not nearly done yet.

You’re currently finishing your third artist album – what can the public expect-

It is a dance album that has groove and also lots of musical influences from around the world. I have used a lot of real instruments as well as electronic sounds to create what I hope is an album that will rock the floors and be good to listen to.

Being in the game for a decade, is the attraction still as strong as ever- What ambitions have you still yet to achieve-

Right now I think I’m buzzing about the music and playing the gigs more than ever. I think 10 years experience can now be put into what I do. The fact is I’ve only just reached the end of my twenties, which is still quite young, so I have a lot more I want to do. Music is always changing, so there is always more to achieve.

You’ve received a number of accolades, including placing in DJ Mag’s Top 100 poll and receiving support from some of the world’s finest producers – does recognition like that spur you on to get bigger and better-

Accolades are a nice bonus, and it’s nice to know that people enjoy the music I have done, but I’ve always been into the challenge of what I can produce next. There is nothing that can beat the energy of a club in full swing, and it is that experience which keeps me striving for more. There is always a new dancefloor to play to!

What can the punters at Psyblime expect from your performance-

Some of the new tracks I’ve been working on for the album, plus lots of great tracks to rock the floor.

What top five tunes are getting a healthy workout in your current set-

Sander van DoornRoundabout (Simon Patterson Remix)
Nick SentienceElectrify
DaydinTheory of Mind
Nick SentienceBelow Zero
Binary Finary1998 (Protoculture Remix)

Which of your peers particularly do you draw inspiration from when making your music-

My influences over the years have been Hybrid, Way Out West, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, and more recently in dance Astrix, JOOF, Simon Patterson and more.

You’ve played some of the world’s finest venues, from London to Ibiza, are there any places you haven’t played that you’re dying to cross off the list-

There’s a festival in Brazil called Universo Parralello I’d love to play – seven days partying on a beach…sounds like my idea of fun!

WHAT: Nick Sentience
WHAT: Plays Psyblime at Home
WHEN: Friday 29 May