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Murat Killic - Spiced

Author: 3D
Monday, January 5, 2009

Murat Kilic is the man responsible for Sydney’s long-running day club spice, as well as being a notable producer and DJ. A busy man over the next two months 3D tracked him down for a chat.

You’ve had a host of remixes and a few originals come out this year via local label BEEF and European labels Stil Vor Talent and Stereo Seven – have you been producing for long-
I began tinkering with electronic music about four years ago when I enrolled at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney as an undergrad at the tender age of 32! I was made redundant from my job in the investment banking industry about two years prior and when I could not find employment due to market conditions at the time, I discovered this sleeping giant within… it became an obsession and started to consume me and then a little techno monster was born.

A common ground in your productions would be the element of looping, bumping funk – do you set out with a plan in mind when you start a track or remix-

Sometimes there is a plan and sometimes there isn’t. Some tracks tend to just write themselves as they just have a natural progression and groove that seems logical and right. I generally concentrate on the elements of groove, swing and melody combined with some solid breaks and builds designed to make the tracks intense on the dancefloor.

Are there any producers who inspire you-

Format B, Oliver Koletzki, Andrea Bertolini, Matthew Herbert, Matthew Dear, Paul Ritch, 2000 and One, Jon Gaiser, Stephan Bodzin, Luca Bacchetti, Phonique, Steve Bug, Marco Carola, Shonky, Kriece

Your after hours tech club Spice is now in its third year, do you ever get weary of rocking dancefloors during the Sunday hours most people are sleeping in-
No chance. If you ever come to Spice and see the way people respond to the music there, you will understand why it has become such a successful clubbing institution in Sydney. The crowd is always responsive and really into the music we play. It’s also a perfect testing ground for when I write new music. I would much rather be doing that once a week on Sunday mornings than waking up and ironing a shirt on Monday morning so I can get to the office – five times a week.

You were raised by strict Turkish parents on a diet of Turkish classical music and thus had to hide your taste for electronic music – do you remember the first record you heard that switched you onto techno-
Hmm, well I love techno and minimal but actually I am a bit of a house head from way back. I always have been. I am also into ethnic music including classical Turkish stuff. I really dig some of the recent Butch interpretations of classical Turkish stuff. I have a massive collection of vinyl at home that is made up of many genres including house and techno. I am a music lover and I collect whatever I think sounds good and is worth keeping, regardless of genre. I guess some of the landmark tracks that started my love affair with dance music were Happy Mondays – Hallelujah, Funkatarium – Jump, New Order – Blue Monday, Frankie Knuckles – Whistle Song, Larry Heard AKA Mr Fingers – Can U Feel It, to name a few.

Finally, what’s coming up for Lost Baggage and Spice in 2009-

Lost Baggage has got some pretty hot acts coming up in 2009, including Ewan Pearson, 2000 and One, Tim Green, Sebo K, Marc Romboy, Audiojack...

Spice will continue to serve up the hottest music you can lay ears on after 5am on a Sunday morning. Lately it has been closing around 2pm in the afternoon to packed floors gagging for more.

WHO: Murat Kilic
WHAT: Plays Spice at the Bourbon / Spice Afloat on Sydney Harbour / Days Like This! at Entertainment Quarter / The Arthouse / Lost Baggage at The Cross
WHEN: Sunday mornings / Thursday 1 January / Sunday 4 / Saturday 10 / Sunday 25 & Saturday 14 February