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Morgan Page - On The Right Page

Author: 3D
Monday, March 16, 2009

It’s been a few years coming but the debut album from one of the clubbing world’s most in-demand remixers, Morgan Page, has dropped. 3D catches up with the producer, currently on tour in Australia.

How are you enjoying Australia so far (business- and pleasure-wise)-

I love Australia – everyone is very warm and welcoming. It’s been a nice escape from LA.

It’s a pretty long flight from the States to Oz. Did you make yourself a mix to listen to on your iPod for the trip-
My girlfriend made me a mixtape: she’s one of those Hollywood music supervisor types, so she’s got great taste in music and is always turning me on to new bands. The thing I love with technology these days is that you can work from almost anywhere and test out different mixes on the plane. Right now I’m messing around with some beats in the hotel room.

On your twitter profile you mentioned something about a “mobile studio” for Australia. What’s this exactly- Will you be producing whilst on tour-
It’s an experiment. I bought a brand new MacBook Pro and loaded it up with tons of new recording software and plug-ins, and brought some keyboard gear. It’s not easy to get music done in your hotel room, but it’s worked out well so far. There’s enough down-time between the weekend shows that I’ll hopefully work on a few new remixes and actually get some work done here!

Your album’s out now. Are you happy with the end result, or are you one of those people who believes their artwork is never truly finished-
I’m really excited about the new record. So much work went into it, it’s insane. One and a half years of my life. I was also touring a lot this year, but on the weekdays I was in the studio all day every day. Writing good songs takes a long time, whereas a remix you can bang out in a matter of days. It is a bit tricky sometimes, as one of the songs took six months! The music can keep mutating – sometimes in better directions, sometimes for the worse – so you often have to catch yourself and say, “hold on a minute! It’s done.”

How did you decide which remixes to feature-

We’re in the process of figuring out which remixers will work best. Typically I pick my favourite producers of the moment; guys that make music that I hammer in the clubs on a regular basis. I take a very hands-on role in choosing my remixers and getting the most out of them. It’s funny to be on the other side of the table – as I’ve done over 100 remixes in the last eight years.

You’ve remixed an eclectic collection of artists. What stimulates you to rework a song- Is it because you’re a fan of the act, or perhaps because it looks like it’ll be a challenge-
Both. Usually I am approached by the original artist or their label. I follow my gut and do what I feel is right for the mix, rather than what the artist will just be ‘OK’ with. You get better results by following your own instincts and not over-catering to what you ‘expect’ them to want. It’s always a win/win when an artist you love asks for a remix, but it often doesn’t work this way. It’s really fun to have done mixes for some big names like Madonna, and have them say “I love it!” and you were able to craft the exact mix you heard in your head.

Finally, what’s the next step for you-
Next up is promoting the new album and touring like a madman to support it. There will also be some more new remixes coming out soon. The new album has 13 new original songs and lots of familiar vocalists – I can’t wait to play it for everyone.

WHO: Morgan Page
WHAT: Elevate through Nettwork / Shock / Plays Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Out now / Saturday 21 March