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Marc Romboy - Romboy, Rom

Author: Rezo
Monday, April 6, 2009

3D’s Rezo chats with German producer Marc Romboy – currently in studio for Adam Freeland – returning to Sydney next month.

Marc Romboy commenced his adult life studying medicine before the German found himself drawing closer and closer to the world of electronic music.

It was the early recordings on labels such as Plus 8, Superstition and Eye Q that sparked his interest in DJing. “These are the imprints that were all influenced by Detroit and the Chicago acid house movement,” Romboy says. “It was a unique sound and it was mysterious.

“That sound is still a part of my repertoire. Nowadays when I play, my music tends to kick your arse on the one hand, but it is also atmospheric and soulful, even sometimes possessing some kind-of weird voices. And that has been my thing from the 1990s until now.”

Currently mixing for Adam Freeland, Romboy has found himself spending more and more time in the studio of late. “I’m also working on a few different things,” he says, “but the biggest project for me right now is the five-year compilation for my Systematic label. It will include something like 15 titles of artists from the label – it is a huge project, which needs all of my attention at the moment, and it will include artists like Steve Rachmad, Mike Monday, Robert Babicz, Detroit Grands… there are a lot of great names on there.”

Five years is a lifetime in the world of electronic music, and Romboy agrees. “It’s an amazing feeling to get to this point,” he beams. “We have done a lot of different things there; when we started it was a kind of disco-influenced house sound and then a few years later it was more about tech-house, and when I made this stuff with Stefan Bodzin we moved into this slower sound. For me, there is no real philosophy there; the idea is just to release the tracks where my heart it. It is quite a diverse label – you can have techno and deep house on the label – as long as it isn’t mainstream pop music, I’m fine to release everything.”

Romboy returns to Australia next month with fond memories of his past trips in ’07 and ’08, including a boat party in Sydney and a couple of festival appearances.

“At that point, I was finalising my album and when I came back [in ’08] I changed a lot of the tracks on the album because of the inspiration from that Australian tour,” he says. “These experiences were very special and due to those experiences I’m looking forward to coming back. I will play a couple of new and unreleased tracks and a few of the classics, I promise.”

WHO: Marc Romboy
WHAT: Plays The Likes of You at Manning Bar
WHEN: Saturday 16 May