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MC Losty - The Host With The Most

Author: Nina Bertok
Monday, April 6, 2009

If you’re heading to Trance Energy this weekend you’ll spot a familiar face regularly on stage – MC Losty, master of ceremonies for the day. 3D’s Nina Bertok spoke to the verbose local.

If you thought MCing was all about the gift of the gab, you’d be sorely mistaking, according to one of Sydney’s best-known party-starters MC Losty (AKA Aaron Robinson). And as the official MC for the national Trance Energy tour he would know that when it comes to hyping up crowds in their thousands, less is actually more.

“With a big event like this, you’re not so much an MC in the sense of rapping and showing off your voice, you’re more like the host of the evening. It’s all about picking the right moment to uplift the crowd and being able to judge when you should come in and hype the crowds up.”

Intuition and communication go hand-in-hand on stage, Robinson explains, as does the ability to blend into the background.

“Your brain and body become attuned to knowing exactly when you should speak up, but I guess that comes with years of doing it. I’ve made heaps of mistakes along the way, as any MC would when starting out, and yeah, I’ve made a dickhead of myself but you learn to get the right timing. It’s also pretty important to be a chameleon and to blend in with the colours in the background.”

Not just a chameleon, Robinson is a master of pretty much every MC style out there – including rave, hip hop and dance – which he attributes to his need for variety in life.

“I would never be happy if I could just be an MC for one style of music,” he says. “I have to have variety in my life otherwise I just can’t work that way. It also relates to how much work you’re going to get as well, particularly when it comes to MCing in Australia where it’s not as recognised and established as much as in London or America. I’ve never been a purist, I’ve always balanced the different styles of music I like which has also worked out financially when so many MCs struggle to make a living. I’ve copped a lot of flack over the years for not choosing between hip hop and dance, from people from both sides.”

WHO: MC Losty
WHAT: Plays Trance Energy at Hordern Pavilion
WHEN: Thursday 9 April