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Lutzenkirchen - Love The Lutze

Author: Nelson Gunasti
Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3D World’s Nelson Gunasti tracked down German house-heavyweight Tobias Lutzenkirchen ahead of his leg on the 5 Years of Great Stuff tour, to talk about all things Lutze.

Pandora Electronica was described as “a musical cornucopia offering an insight into what’s on Lutze’s musical radar.” What is on your musical radar in 2009-

Obviously the whole music scene is getting more in to "house" again. More house grooves, more house loops and house orientated synths and stuff. Still, my music will be 100% techno but influenced by the newer sounds I guess.

You’re in Australia in late April for the
5 Years of Great Stuff tour, have you ever played here before- Where do you get the best reception as a DJ-

Yes, I already toured Australia with my album last year, which was great. I can not wait to come back! To be honest, I get a good reception all around the world which always is a great experience. When you travel to the opposite part of the world and see how people react to your music and how many tracks they know, it’s just a good feeling.

You’re linked closely to Tomcraft through Great Stuff and also your collective pseudonym Lutzencraft. How did that all come about back in the day-

Tom was the one who brought me into great stuff and convinced me to move to Munich with my studio. We are close friends, and also I am his engineer and we work together in the studio. That’s why sooner or later this project came together but we’ve already abandoned it as we do not have the time to produce together anymore.

What do you think about the German club scene- Where’s your first stop when you come back from an overseas tour-

My first stop is always at home with my girlfriend and my cats. When I come back from touring it is always hard to start working again. After some days off my next stop is my studio. The German club scene is still one of the best in the world for me and I am always happy to play a weekend in Germany.

You started your own label Platform B in 2006, what inspired you to make that move- It must be hard to have so many different projects running at one time.

Actually, it is not really hard to be honest. I have such a big output that we (Great Stuff and I) decided to create a platform for my more underground orientated music. In the end I came up with the idea of Platform B I mainly use it for my underground techno stuff. In the end it is still Lutzenkirchen stuff that is released and we do an EP every 6-8 weeks, so it is not that much extra work and it gives me the freedom to produce what I want and not concentrate on "just" Great Stuff recordings.

You’ve got a list of aliases that is seemingly endless. Are you still producing work under any of those names-

No, not really. I try and concentrate on Lutzenkirchen stuff as time is very tight at the moment.

What’s coming up in 2009 for Lutzenkirchen and Platform B- Any big releases that we should be watching out for-

Every release will be big! But seriously, my next EP on Great Stuff will be released this summer which is more a "big" record in the definition of the market but in the end I try to keep on doing what I do best; techno music.

WHO: Lutzenkirchen
WHAT: Plays 5 Years of Great Stuff at Arthouse
WHEN: Saturday 25 April