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Keltec - The Kiss Of Keltec

Author: Rezo
Monday, February 2, 2009

Melbourne-based, sydney-born DJ/producer Keltec has been part of the Australian electronic landscape for almost 15 years. He’s also at the helm of the Kiss Summer ’09 mix-CD. 3D’s Rezo spoke to him about the release.

Jason Kelton got into music from a young age. Starting to play instruments in grade five, initially with the sax and later the cornet, he was busting to get into a club as a 17 year old. Eventually starting a job at the Sugar Shack in ’93 they gave birth to their first underground Thursday resident in Phil K. A few breaks here and there and Keltec is now a name synonymous with quality dance music in Australia. A side interest in an IT business keeps him honest and his future is dotted with hopes of building a more lucrative future in dealing with other aspects of technology in the music industry.  interchangeable

So, you’ve been around a while. How have you seen music change over the years-
I call this the seven-year rubber band effect. Things head in one direction, stretching the boundaries or going faster, more commercial – and then they bounce back like letting go of the rubber band. I think we saw a lot of this in Melbourne recently with things going more mainstream but still leading the way; now things are heading back to a more underground vibe now with minimal once called deep house seven years ago! So really, the music industry is just a little like the fashion industry, it simply goes around in bouts and turns but with new and contemporary influences regardless of genre.

Tell us about Kiss Summer ’09 – how did it come about- What did you hope to achieve with it-
The Kiss mix was a great opportunity to get back into doing something for the dance music community and Kiss FM for which I’ve been a huge advocate of. It came to being as Kiss wanted an underground DJ to handle the more upfront styles and someone who could be diverse and represent the broader Kiss Sound. Having come from a slew of different styles, I guess I became the perfect fit. For me, it was about re-invention and proving that people, if they are passionate about what they do and love, they will be able to survive any generation – hey look at all the pop divas of the world! But seriously, it gave me an opportunity to be diverse and to showcase not only where I’m at right now, but where the direction of the station is heading too.

What else have you been up to in the studio production or remix wise-

Well, I have two remixes coming out later in the year for Tom & Elroy’s label Bam Bam Music and I’m working on two original pieces at the moment – one with a close personal friend and another completely solo. I’m also in the works of piecing together some major work with Colin Snape [TV Rock] delving back into the elements of big house records! So stay tuned, there will be a bit going on this year from a studio perspective.

Any plans for an artist album- Is that something that’s going to be a reflection of your club sets or more of an indulgence and an experiment-
Well, there’s a lot of stuff I’ve worked on in the past and took a few years sabbatical with the production styles because of where things were at the time, but the last six months have turned things into overdrive. I’d love to do some more collaborative work this year and might look at something more along the lines of an artist DJ comp. I’d also love to do a three-disc comp showcasing the eras of dance and the styles that I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying – from breaks to chill and from fusion to progressive – it would be a great accomplishment to create a CD biography of myself!

WHO: Keltec
WHAT: Kiss FM Summer ’09 through Central Station
WHEN: Out now