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Inpetto - Inpetto Sounds

Author: Kelly Davis
Monday, April 6, 2009

They’ve just hit the top 10 in the Australian club charts with their remix of those usual suspects’ Shadows and now you can catch them here. 3D’s Kelly Davis chats to German production duo, Inpetto.

Being brothers and having worked together since your teenage years, do you guys follow a process when working together-

Not really. We both work separate on a few ideas, put the best ideas together to one track and finish it together. So we have a good and honest internal ‘quality control’.

You have been working with Ramon Zenker for a long time too, how does this relationship work-
We got in contact with Ramon in 1999 and we had many releases and furthermore our first release with him. During our working relationship we learned a lot of Ramon as he is a very well rounded producer.

How did the success of Toca’s Miracle under your Fragma moniker change things for you-
It let us work in the music industry as our main job. That’s definitely the most important thing.

Producing big chart dance music and progressive house at the same time – how does this work for you and how does it benefit you as artists-
It works because it’s all based on electronic music and not us – the people out there who are buying the CDs or mp3s decide if it is chart music or not. Most of the tracks that charted were originally made for the clubs and have found their way into the sales chart. A producer can’t really plan this while he is making a record.

Evergreen Terrace Studio – what’s the philosophy-

Quality, not quantity!

What plans do you have for future Inpetto releases and mixes-
We currently have limited the remixes to have the time to work on a new single, but there are still two remixes to be released soon.

What are your favourite clubs/tours/crowds-
It’s hard to say ’cause every club and every crowd is different. It’s great playing in small clubs close to the people and on big events alongside big DJs like we do on the Trance Energy tour, but we can say that we really like to play in our small local club where we are also going to when we’re not playing. So we can party and of course have some bottles of water and cola with some of our friends we unfortunately don’t see that much.

Musically, what will you be bringing to Australia on your forthcoming tour-

You can expect some of our latest remixes, our favourite progressive house tunes and some classics – proudly presented by non-drunken DJs.

WHO: Inpetto
WHAT: Play Soho
WHEN: Friday 11 April