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Headhunter - Headhunted

Author: Scott Henderson
Monday, March 16, 2009

3D’s Scott Henderson chats to dubstep producer Headhunter, responsible for the awesome Nomad album on Tempa, playing Index this Saturday.

You are headlining Index at Civic Undergound, a new night dedicated to a blend of dubstep, techno and electronic – seem like a perfect fit for you…-
It does. My music has been closely related to techno and it’s never unusual for me to drop the odd techno track in my sets. I’m just not familiar with the Australian crowd so I guess I’ll have to be the judge and see what way I can take it. It’s very exciting to touch new territory though.

Where did the techno influence come from and in what ways does that make your sound different to other dubstep producers-

You know what, I’d say I’m more influenced by psytrance then techno; it’s just that people don’t really know of any psy so techno is a little more obvious, but anything synth-ey and futurist inspires me, like Detroit or Blade Runner. But I try not to literally take on the genres as influences. In some of my tunes you can clearly hear – I hate to say it – wobble. I take bits of everything I like and make them my own. I do really like the whole Berlin dub techno sound too; I’m just a whore for good music I think and when I hear something I like I try and find out as much about it as possible.

Your debut album Nomad was released late last year: that must have been a huge step for you – how do you feel about the album now-
Now that everything has settled I feel ready to do newer stuff. Recently I’ve made a few tunes that are a lot more dancefloor-orientated then the stuff on my album. I guess I want more tunes of my own to play in my sets and you can’t quite beat your own tune going off in a club. Ask any DJ that and I’m sure they will say the same thing.

Have you started work on the second album yet or are you going to concentrate more on DJing and remixing for a while-
No plans for a second album, I’m still recovering from the first one, but I do have some forthcoming material on Tempa and some other key labels in the scene that will be kept under wraps for now.  Also a few remixes of tunes on my album are coming from some very high profile producers. A lot of my time has been spent recently sorting out my live audiovisual set. Its still early days for this but a quick look on my blog ( will show you what we (me and my visual artist, Alex) did in Belgium recently. It’s something new and exciting and has a lot of potential for growth.

WHO: Headhunter
WHAT: Plays Index at Civic Underground / Nomad through Tempa / Inertia
WHEN: Saturday 21 March / Out now