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Grafton Primary - Primary Mission

Author: Matt Unicomb
Monday, May 18, 2009

Sydney-based trio Grafton Primary are packing their bags for a UK trek next month. But before their departure, producer Ben Garden tells 3D’s Matt Unicomb what’s in store.

Grafton Primary, the Australian indie electro success story of 2008, have exciting times ahead. Having recently completed the last legs of their national All Stars Tour, the trio, made up of Ben and Josh Garden and drummer Robbie (Mudrazija), will be hitting next month’s star-studded We Love Sounds, before heading to the UK for a series of shows.

With Grafton Primary being festival veterans, having made multiple appearances at Parklife and Field Day, and now with their second We Love Sounds appearance, the three-piece have become accustomed to the advantages of being part of the festival experience. “It’s a bit weird,” Garden, the long-time producer says of the dance festival vibe. “We don’t really approach things that differently. The biggest thing, for us, is the crowd. It’s just a different crowd at a dance music festival than at our own gigs. We manage to sit halfway between the dance and band music genre, so we get to play the grimy pubs, then we get to play shiny festivals – we get the best of both worlds.”

Unsurprisingly, given their high-demand touring schedule, sickness forced the cancellation, and rescheduling, of Grafton Primary’s Hobart All Stars appearance. Garden saw the chance for an impromptu, and rare, DJ set, taking place on the night of the cancelled show. “I played a bit of everything, man,” Garden laughs. “I’m not like some crazy, current electro DJ, so I’m not going to be playing the latest chart hits. I was just mashing up shit that I used to like – a bit of Felix, a bit of Soulwax and Peaches – just fun shit. We don’t have to live up to any expectations, because, to be honest, it was one of my first DJ sets.”

With constant touring following the release of 2008’s stellar Eons, time dedicated solely to production has rarely presented itself. “We haven’t been working on much new stuff,” he says. “I think Josh has been writing; I’ve been writing some ideas, just sketching stuff out – more sound design than anything else. It’s been very busy touring, so when I get back, I don’t really feel like sitting in a studio – I just want to do my washing and clean the house. However, I’m feeling like I want to get into the studio to do some more stuff.”

With next month’s trip to the UK looming, Grafton Primary are hurriedly seeking out London promoters, keen to showcase their refined live show to British crowds. “We’re doing a few London gigs in June – we’re playing at Cargo,” he says excitedly. We have some dudes over in the UK to help us out with that, because the album is coming out in the UK next month through Republic. We’re hitting up the MySpace/Facebook connections now.”

WHO: Grafton Primary
WHAT: Play We Love Sounds
WHEN: Saturday XX June