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Fait Accompli - Leave It To Fait

Author: 3D
Monday, March 16, 2009

3D finds out what’s new in the world of Fait Accompli, one of our favourite live bands, who’ll be heating up my filthy riot this weekend.

You’ve self-released two debut EPs so far. What are you working on now, and is an album likely to happen in 2009-

We’ve been in the studio recording what is shaping up to be our debut album. We tried to keep it low key, just in case we changed our minds. To be honest we thought that maybe we should do another EP, but a close friend advised us to make an album. So far we have warmed to the idea. Right now we are sitting on 12 tracks, which were recorded by our friend Ian Pritchett (Goons of Doom, Beautiful Girls, Angus and Julia Stone). We are debating on whether we need to find it a home or just release it independently in Australia. In the meantime we are preparing to release our first-ever official single for our song, Ride. Sydney film director and friend Kiku Ohe directed the video for it, so we’re pretty stoked. You can check it out at I have to say though, making a radio edit is pretty annoying. We wish that radio listeners had bigger attention spans than 3 mins 40 secs.

We hear one of your main objectives for this year is to head overseas- Where have you got your sights set- Do you have a sizeable international fanbase-
Thanks to the internet we are now connected to people everywhere. Five years ago you could never get in touch with bands. Now you can just send a MySpace message, cross your fingers and hope for the best. At the moment we are having a bit of a love affair with America again. Maybe it’s Obama- A lot of our friends are doing creative stuff over there. So we just want to pop over and say hi, play a few parties and come back. We’ve got a massive following in France. Our name is like street slang over there: “Oui, no, no, no it’s a Fait Accompli”. Solid.

As one of the most talked about bands in Sydney surely there’s a bidding war for you to sign to a label, right-

We have a few people who are waiting to hear the record. Who knows what might happen next- We need to meet someone who loves our music, loves our video and believes in our vision eyewear. Otherwise we might be calling up John Butler for advice. We’ve been told that there are positive changes taking place within certain parts of the record industry, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Your drummer has some serious energy – like Matt Tong energy – has he ever run out of steam on stage-

We all usually throw ourselves 100 per cent behind our songs live – sometimes to the point of passing out. The setlists we put together allow us to have little breaks here and there. Then sometimes if we’re all in the mood we’ll just play a punk set, which can be likened to a drill to the head. A close friend of the band made up a joke about Ray. It goes like this. Why does Ray think his friends are blow up dolls- Because when you’re trying to leave a party he says, “Don’t leave, not only are you letting me down, you’re letting yourself down too.”

WHO: Fait Accompli
WHAT: Play My Filthy Riot, Annandale Hotel
WHEN: Saturday 21 March & Sunday 22