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Elite Force - The Force Is With You

Author: 3D
Monday, April 6, 2009

3D chats to Elite Force, who’s recently been busy in the studio with Meat Katie cooking up “industrial porn”, and is about to bring in Easter at Chinese Laundry.

You used to host Strongarm Sessions on internet radio; are you still involved with radio these days-

No, not anymore. I did the Sessions for a very enjoyable six-and-a-half years, but recently I’ve had so many demands on my time I’ve had to prioritise things and unfortunately it felt a bit like it had run its course with people interacting less and less with it – in fact everything is being treated as being more dispensable and disposable than it was!

You’re a big proponent of the digital music medium and have spoken quite adamantly about the death of vinyl. Is there a romantic inside you that’ll be sorry to see it go-

I’m not necessarily “pro” the death of vinyl or anything daft like that, and there are certain scenes like dubstep and drum n bass where it defies the odds and continues to thrive, but in my world the arse fell out of the vinyl market years ago, so I just think it’s better to embrace the digital era and just move on with the music. After all, it’s only a format right-

Tech-funk is the banner you’ve been going under for a while now, which is to say you’re not beholden to any one genre. Does that then give you freedom to play whatever you want on any given night-

That’s the theory, yes, and I think that people have come to know the kind of styles that I blend together and hopefully have made a signature of. But as a DJ I always think flexibility is the name of the game, and you need to exercise that flexibility according to what the conditions are saying (is it an early set, a late set, a breaks night, a house night, etc…). I’ll still come up with a blend of styles, but depending on the night it will usually veer towards any one of house, electro, techno or breaks.

What plans have you got for playing Chinese Laundry-
I really love playing the Laundry and this will be my third time so I have a pretty good idea of what to expect… and it’s all good.

Dark & Deep is the new single you’ve produced in collaboration with Meat Katie, how was it working together again-
Haha. Well yes, we did Dark & Deep towards the end of last year, but we’ve been in the studio a lot together in the past few months and have released two full EPs of more techno-orientated stuff under our Dustbowl moniker, which is going really well. We also have a new single we’ve done, which is another breaks thing called Believe and that will be out on U&A in July, I think.

WHO: Elite Force
WHAT: Plays Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Thursday 9 April