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Don Rimini - Is Don, Is Good

Author: 3D
Monday, May 11, 2009

If you love your music loud, hard and tongue in cheek, then you’ll love Parisian producer/DJ Don Rimini.

What is it about Paris that makes it such a creative hub for electronic music and what’s it like being a part of that scene-
It’s because of the mineral water. It changes everything… Hahaha. I can’t really explain it. What is certain is that at the moment there is a real excitement in Paris. It’s just amazing. Many young producers are coming up with awesome tracks. Very good DJs, too. It’s really super-exciting. To be honest, we have to thank labels like Ed Banger, Institubes and Kitsuné. They brought a new energy, a new passion. Shout out to them. Guys like Brodinski and Yuksek are also incredible.

How did you first get into producing and who were your early inspirations-
I got into electronic music via DJing in the ’90s. My first inspirations came from old school techno; Chicago/Detroit sounds, DJs like Jeff Mills, DJ Rush, Dave Clarke and producers like Green Velvet, The Horrorist. Then I naturally started producing. It was the logical result for me. Now, my inspiration doesn’t come necessarily from the music, it can come from many things: a film, a brilliant party, a friend, a club, a girl in the street…

Last year was a pretty big step for you with your second release, the Absolutely Rad EP – what were some of your favourite moments from 2008-
It is true that this EP has worked really well. Big thanks to Crookers for their huge Let Me Back Up remix. Since this EP, everything’s boosted. I’m living my childhood dream. I have the chance to travel all the time, DJ in awesome clubs, incredible parties, festivals… the public is sick as well, they sing my tracks, haha. I think that this year I’ve probably done several world tours with all the flights I’ve taken. It’s simply awesome. I’ve worked on projects with many artists that I really like. I really enjoy it. Since Absolutely Rad I’ve released two EPs. The first one with my remix of Young MCBust A Move on Delicious Vinyl and then the Kick N Run EP. I’m very proud of it. For me, Kick N Run is more than an EP; it’s a mini album. Every track owns their place: four tracks, four bangers.

What new tracks hitting dancefloors have got you excited right now-
So many... My next EP! MaybbTouring in NY, DJ ChuckieLet the Bass Kick, Skream’s remix of La Roux, the tracks of DJ Keith, Dro & Lodzy, Electrolux family, DilemN, Buraka Som Sistema… And also, some tracks that I had the chance to listen to from the forthcoming albums of Crookers, the Bloody Beetroots and Sinden. I also have a very good feeling with Jack Beats and Rusko too.

WHO: Don Rimini
WHAT: Plays Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturday 23 May