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DJ Sega - Whiz Kid

Author: Elliot Shields
Monday, May 25, 2009


You’re just coming of the back of a mini tour with fellow Mad Decent labelmates Buraka Som Sistema, where you were also doing some promo for your New Jack Philly CD. How did New Jack Philly come about- Were you creating new mixes for the CD, or is it more of a compilation of what you’ve been getting up to recently-

The only promo I could do was mix in a few tracks off the album to see people’s reaction to it. And I got some crazy reactions from every audience. New Jack Philly is an album of late ‘80s, early ‘90s-themed tracks I put together. Some were unreleased tracks, some were recently done tracks, and others were spur of the moment tracks that was made exclusively for the album.  

How did you first get into producing your own tracks- Was there a specific point in time or a particular track that forced people to really take notice of you as a DJ

I completed a survey asking me what I would include in a beat-making  program. I later got a reply back with the software and I taught myself how to produce. I never really know if or when people are paying attention when I spin. I have no clue when I became known exactly; I just worked hard constantly. 

Baltimore and Jersey club have been noted for crazy or unexpected samples, what’s the weirdest vocal you’ve ever heard sampled on a Bmore tune-

So far, as far as Bmore club goes, 300 by Johnny Blaze. I don't know about it being weird, but it's one of my favorites right now.

There’s a crazy video on YouTube of you playing to a home crowd back in Philly for a Mishka Pop-Up Store opening. Is it always the home crowd who go the hardest out on the floor-

I love it here at home but actually no; at least not at this point in time. It seems like the farther I go, the crazier the audience. Finland was pretty wild; I'm hoping to top that in Australia.

Philadelphia has got a bit of a reputation for anything goes, as long as it can turn the party out. Does that philosophy come into your approach to making tracks

I try to turn a party into an event. When producing, I try to multiply and extend the original energy from the song into something new. Sometimes, when spinning, people gather around the DJ booth as an audience – it seems almost like a concert. 

Mad Decent are doing heaps of big things at the moment, lots of fresh new up and coming acts; have you found anyone for some fresh collaborations-

I'm not sure yet. There are always possibilities with the Mad Decent artists.

What are the most important things on your mind for the rest of the year-

I'm not really sure what's next, but I'm getting ready for whatever comes my way. The three things I want to do is release a solo EP on vinyl, have some official productions, and play in more overseas areas.

WHO: DJ Sega
WHAT: Plays Oxford Art Factory
WHEN: Friday 29 May