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Christian Vance - Do The V.A.N.C.E

Author: 3D
Monday, February 9, 2009

Melbourne techno producer/DJ Christian Vance is headlining the Loose Kaboose third birthday festivities next weekend at the Cross. 3D chats with the well-spoken gentleman to find out what’s what in his world.

You’ve become one of the country’s most in demand DJs; what do you think it is about your sets that the crowds really respond to-
That I perform my own music live is definitely the main element that crowds respond to. So many people in the crowd aren’t always aware that I’m not DJing but you can immediately sense the interest when they realise you’re not just playing tracks. Being able to recreate on the fly and develop ideas in reaction to the audience, space and mood is key.

You’ve played alongside some of the greats, like Carl Craig; what’s it like sharing the booth with some of techno’s greatest-

Ha! Playing before Carl a few years ago was the first time I ever played solo (having been in an electronic band for the seven or eight years beforehand). It’s a pretty life-affirming buzz when you get to play along people that have changed your life. It’s something you don’t feel guilty about not sharing. Unlike chocolate. I’ll share that from time to time.

When did the great idea of becoming a musician enter your headspace-

Hmm. I remember writing some blues with my best mate around the advent of our teenage years... but those ideas weren’t that great, ya know- I think I’ll let other people decide if it’s a great idea or not in their own time. For me it’s still an idea.

Are there plans in place to take your show overseas in the near future-

Around June I believe. I’ll probably have to spend a few months in Europe each year it looks like. Let’s hope I’m always home for summer! I’m not a fan of the cold. I’ve always wanted to take the show on the road and this year looks the best bet yet. Friends of mine have played in cities in Russia that I’d hardly ever heard of, let alone studied on a map. I’d love to play somewhere like Omsk or Novosibirsk.

Any festival at any time at any venue, what would be your number one place to play-
Ooh. That’s tough. There are so many amazing festivals around these days and so many in times gone by. I’d have to say that playing at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival has always been something my original crew and I wanted to do – their music being so inspirational over the years. Yeah... definitely Detroit.

What’s on the horizon for Christian Vance- Any particular productions we should be looking out for-
We have our second release on Haul Music coming out really soon on which I’ve remixed Mike Callander’s Drone. Perspectiv in Switzerland are releasing another track of mine called L’Aragosta on a compilation and it looks like I may be on some kind of 12 Inch on Versatile out of Paris. I love getting my disco on. Don’t you-

WHO: Christian Vance
WHAT: Plays Loose Kaboose’s Third Birthday at The Cross
WHEN: Friday 20 February