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Bukkcity - Young Buck

Author: Matt Unicomb
Monday, March 30, 2009

Rising hip hop star Bukkcity is touring the country right now as part of the Reverb Tour, showcasing his mini album Same Place. 3D’s Matt Unicomb talked to him about the release, his politics and American roots.

Congratulations on finishing up with the mini album. It’s been out for a little while now – how is the feedback- Has it been varied-
Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. People are very surprised with this release, in a positive way; they thought because I’m straight outta Jersey that I would drop a gangsta record and be all street, then when they heard the heartfelt lyrics, accompanied by production that isn’t typical hip hop, they appreciated the innovation and creativity that went into its making.

You’re currently on a pretty extensive tour of the Australian East Coast. There have been some sold out shows, right- How has the rest of the tour treated you so far-
That’s right, we are travelling up the East Coast on the Reverb Tour, which I’m honoured to be on. The best part about being an artist is to be on tour and seeing the reaction from people who never heard of you or your music, walking away, researching and buying your album. Myself, DJ Crusador and violinist Indi Starr have put together an amazing show, and I can see the positive reaction from people in the crowd, which pumps me up to deliver an ever better performance.

The mini album contains a well talked about vocal from Sarah Blasko, and one of your previous mixtapes features Pete Murray.  Are you a fan of genres outside the hip hop sphere, especially singer/songwriters-
I’m a fan of great music, I love music, it’s a part of my everyday life, whatever I’m doing always involves music somehow and it doesn't matter if it’s hip hop or another genre; as long as I’m feeling it, it gets played.

Same Place frequently delves into political territory, but also holds a great deal of introspective material. Is this heartfelt writing style the way you’ve always approached your raps-

The only track that I would call political is my first single Nobody Wanted This. Other songs on the release, such as the title track, I talk about a lot of frustrations from the music industry, the poverty I’ve experienced, the loss of my cousin. Can’t Blame Me talks about child soldiers in Africa, which was inspired by the movie Blood Diamond. Reason To Leave addresses relationship issues that everyone goes through and can relate to… I probably cover more serious content and substance on this seven-track release than a lot of other rappers do on full-length albums. But that’s what I have always been about.

Now that you’ve put out a mini album and a few mixtapes, will you be finding time to put together the debut full-length- When should we expect it-
Honestly if I answered that question I would be lying. Initially we wanted to put out a double album as the debut, then that changed. Then we set a date to release an EP in October '08, then I added two extra songs, which turned it into a mini album, but delayed the release till January. Right now we are talking about putting out another mini album this year, but whether it happens or not your guess is as good as mine. I can only assure you that I’m not going nowhere! I’m here with an amazing team of people that are all as determined and hungry as me, so like Diddy would say, 'Cant stop won’t stop!'

Will you be focusing on anything in particular once the tour is wrapped up – rest and relaxation, or straight back to work-

I'll sleep when I’m dead! No rest! I’m a machine! I never switch off!

WHO: Bukkcity
WHAT: Same Place through Unda K9 Records/ Plays Reverb Tour at Anu Bar, Canberra
WHEN: Out now / Wednesday 1 April