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Bodyrox - Rock Your Bodyrox

Author: 3D
Monday, April 6, 2009

English producers Bodyrox came of age in 2006 with their smash hit single, Yeah Yeah, and are expecting to do it all over again when they drop their debut album later in the year. 3D spoke to the duo.

How’s the album coming along-
Our Bodyrox album is coming along nicely, thanks! I guess we’re about three quarters of the way through finishing it off. It’s been quite hard getting in the studio as our DJ schedule is so busy these days, but we’re getting there.

Will it feature What Planet You On- and Brave New World- Are you going for a banger of an album, or is it more conceptual-
All our previous tracks will be on there in the usual Bodyrox style but were also doing some more down-tempo electro tracks to make it more interesting to a wider audience.

According to Luciana’s MySpace blog, she’s recording for you guys. How much involvement does she have with the album-
Luciana will feature on about half of the album while the rest will be collaborations with other artists. We’re currently speaking to some huge artists who are writing over our backing tracks right now.

Have you got some sweet producers on board for remixing duties- D Ramirez again, perhaps-
The album will be produced by Nick and myself but I’m sure when the label chose to release some of the tracks as singles then we’ll get the next up and coming remix team on board just like we did with Dean and Joel.

How have you found the past few years, since Yeah Yeah launched the Bodyrox name into the clubbing stratosphere-

The last few years have certainly been exciting. We’ve both been doing this for a long time so we’re quite used to working in the studio during the week and DJing at weekends. It has been hard to fulfil the amount of DJ offers that we’ve been receiving, which has meant we’ve probably not got in the studio as much as we should but it’s certainly been fun.

Have you had time to work on other projects, or has all your time being going into Bodyrox-
To be honest most of our time has been taken up with Bodyrox. I’ve managed to do a few Full Intention remixes with Michael Gray and Nick has done a few techno mixes himself but Bodyrox is very much the main thing right now.

Will it be an all-new show when you hit Sydney, or is it going to be what fans have come to expect from Bodyrox-

We haven’t played in Sydney for at least 12 months so we’ll definitely be showcasing a load of new material this time. Looking forward to it!

WHO: Bodyrox
WHAT: Play Cargo Bar
WHEN: Sunday 12 April