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Archie - A Wild, Wild World

Author: 3D
Monday, May 4, 2009

Sublime resident DJ Archie chats to 3D about his latest mix-cd, the Wild Weekends ’09 compilation.

As a dance DJ in Sydney, the obvious difference between a DJ Archie set and another DJ is your scratching abilities. Who were you listening to when you first started to scratch-

I began to teach myself to scratch when I was in year seven so at that time I was heavily influenced by DJs like Terminator X, DJ Rectangle, Mix Master Mike and hip hop groups such as De La Soul, Eric B & Rakim, NWA and, of course, Public Enemy.

You and KCB put together the latest Wild Weekends compilation – is it a lot of fun putting together something like that- Is there much difference between the kind of tracks that made it to the Wild Weekends and an Archie set down at Home-

Yeah, the whole CD process can definitely be fun. Although in saying that, it can be frustrating at times, too. Mainly when tunes you specifically want for your mix don’t get approved. It can throw a spanner in the works to say the least. The tracklist I chose for my Wild Weekends mix is definitely quite different to what I might play down at Sublime on a Friday but there are a few tunes on there that still represent my well-known sound. I’ve included the new Ferry Corsten tune, plus a track by Tiesto and a number of my own productions, including my new single that is out under my Lady Killers alias.  

With your unique blending of scratching with hard beats, what gear do you like to have behind the decks- Have you made the move into Serato software-

Surprisingly enough I’m still using some vinyl for my sets, however, in saying that, most of my music comes from CDs these days. I always said I’d never become a CDJ DJ but as most people will appreciate, vinyl sales have dropped dramatically so not much music is available these days. In terms of what equipment I prefer, I love the Pioneer 1000 for mixing and scratching and still go in between vinyl and CDs for both scratching and mixing.

You’ve been doing remixes for a while, and dabbled in production both as
Archie and B.Arch, are you looking to move into fully fledged original releases in the future-

Yeah, that has been a steady project of mine for the last little while. I have a number of original releases that’re either out now or on the way. One of which is the new Lady Killers single Rock-a-lot, which has been doing really well. It’s been getting lots of radio play, which has been really good exposure for our debut. Also there is a new trance release coming out in the next few months on JTB & Chuck-e’s label, Intolerance, for which I collaborated with Arbor on. Apart from those two I have a bunch of remixes on the way, one of which is for the 2001 club hit Meet Her at the Love Parade by Da Hool. Check the new Wild CD for that one.

WHO: Archie
WHAT: Plays Sublime at Home / Wild Weekends ’09 through Central Station / Universal
WHEN: Fridays / Out now