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Anthony Pappa - The Return Of Pappa

Author: 3D
Monday, March 30, 2009

Anthony Pappa returns to Australia this week bringing a bit of expatriate electronica to your ears. 3D catches up to hear what’s new in Pappa’s world.

It’s been over a decade since you moved to the UK from Melbourne to be closer to the house music scene, that must make you an honorary Pom by now-
No, not at all. Yes, l have adapted to the English way of life style but I will always be an Aussie.

What is it about the clubbing scene in the UK that attracts so many DJs from all over the world to move there-
The clubs, the studios, the record labels, the DJ agencies, the producers, the DJs, the amount of people and opportunities that you have to get gigs – and certainly not the weather.

How difficult is it to balance your studio work with touring or are you a meticulous about your work planning as you are with your DJing-
It’s very difficult. I’m always so busy travelling to my DJ gigs that l never have enough time to do everything I would like to do. I do an average of 200 flights a year so producing music and doing pretty much anything has to be done whilst I’m away or basically whenever I have some free time which is very difficult but I do my best, as always.

Apparently you hit over 70 cities last year touring your Moments Mix album, what were some of the your favourite spots along the way-
Some of my favourite cities on that tour were Buenos Aires, Budapest, Miami, Newcastle and, of course, Melbourne.

Any DJ disasters like lost records, laptops, missed flights-
The first week of my Moments tour I was on my way to Mexico to DJ, and my luggage that had my CDs inside it did not arrive. The bad news for me was that it was never found and lost for good. ’Til this date I still have not received my luggage and the two CD cases that were in that bag together had a total of 1,000 tracks.

Will we be seeing Moments 2 released this year for sure and in what ways are you planning on developing, expanding or changing the sound from the last Moments mix-
I’m working on Moments Volume 2 at the moment and it will be released in June this year. The sound of the album will be the sound that I’m playing the moment: a mixture of house, tech house, minimal, progressive house and techno.

Who would you say are some of the exciting young DJs you’ve heard play recently-
I’m into the sound of an artist called Reset Robot.

What are you’ve favourite big tunes to drop on clubbers right now-
Matthias, Meyer & Patlac – Skipper is one track that I am smashing at the moment.

Do you ever see yourself moving back to Australia and would you recommend that up and coming Australian DJs follow your footsteps and work in Europe-
One day I will definitely move back to Australia, that’s for sure. As far as recommending other DJs from Australia to move to the UK that really depends on the individual DJ. What I did was what I wanted to do and it worked out for me but that does not mean that what I did would be the best for someone else. It really depends on what they are looking for in their career and these are the decisions that only that person can make for themselves.

WHO: Anthony Pappa
WHAT: Plays at Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturday 4 April