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Author: Nina Bertok
Monday, March 16, 2009

In Ibiza, it’s notorious for being the never-ending party of all parties and upon its arrival in Australia later this month, the spectacle that is Circo Loco is expected to be no different. Featuring Romanian superstar DJs AR:PIA:R as this year’s headliners, Aussie clubbers are about to experience one of the biggest dance events in the world as well as the top-notch tunes and crazy characters it’s come to be known for.

“It is the craziest party in Ibiza, for sure,” says Petre Inspirescu, AKA Pedro, of the party. “Actually, in the world, I think. It is full of people who have been partying the whole weekend and those who have flown in especially for the Circo Loco madness. It’s the venue, it’s the people, and it’s the fact that it all happens on a Monday morning in Ibiza when you are meant to be at work that all adds to the craziness. DC10 is really a magical place where it is all about the music and the good vibe of the people. From May up until October, the party never ends! And we are bringing all this to Sydney very soon so I hope everyone can join us.”

Kick-starting his career in dance music back in 1999 in his hometown of Bucharest, Inspirescu claims even then Romania’s underground dance music scene was thriving.

“Romania has always had a thriving underground dance music scene,” he insists. “All three of us [including DJ/producers Raresh and Rhadoo] started playing when we were teenagers and I was always interested in the scene. At the time I was mostly into techno, deep house and just making beats.”

In the last couple of years, all three of AR:PIA:R founders have seen their careers sky-rocket thanks to their relentless touring schedules and ear for top-notch tunes. In Inspirescu’s case, appearances in Ibiza and throughout Europe in particular have made him a well-known and respected DJ/producer among fans and peers. These days he is a pivotal figure and a force to be reckoned with in both Romania and abroad.

“We have been touring around the world a lot lately,” he says. “It’s been mental. We have gone from playing all around Romania when we first started out, to becoming residents at Circo Loco and now playing in the biggest and best clubs all around South America as well. And we will be heading over to Miami to play at the Winter Music Conference 2009 with Luciano and Tania Vulcano as well as others.”

All three of the AR:PIA:R members have come a long way since the late ’90s, according to Inspirescu, who recalls why the trio created the label in the first place.

“We’ve known each other for some years but this whole project started in the summer of 2006 when we decided that we wanted to start the label and make a platform to release our music. Of course, the aim was also to release the music of other Romanian artists. Last year we signed Boola & Demos and the young Dan Andrei; all three are very talented producers. We’ve had a lot of support from Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Väth and Luciano, among others. These guys are our inspiration and we are very thankful for their support; we’re all in the same family. The basic thing from the start was that with the label there would be absolutely no commercial side involved in the project, that it would be just a pure musical message. All three of us are also best friends. This means that everyone is equal and helps each other when it’s needed. Teamwork is the key forever in every activity that a man could do in order to achieve something he wants.”

And with an ever-growing dance scene in their home-country, Inspirescu claims there is never a shortage of talent to sign up.

“The Romanian dance music scene has [received] a lot of hype in the last two or three years. There has suddenly been so much interest in it, I don’t know why. Sometimes there is too much hype around new artists and new scenes because people are looking for the next special thing. We are just trying to do our thing for music. We try not to really think too much about it. I believe it’s a matter of our musical tastes, which in part are the same, but also different. As a trio we follow the same grooves, so that kind of helps. When we hear something or someone that we love, then we will usually discuss it and decide whether to sign them up or not. The minimal techno sound is the most popular sound at the biggest parties but there are also a lot of other sounds going on, there is a lot of diversity around right now.”

However, as Inspirescu admits, he is yet to familiarise himself with Australia’s dance music – something he will no doubt get to do in the coming weeks.

“This will be the first time that all three of us will play in Australia,” he explains. “In fact, I think it’s the first time any of us has come to Australia at all. I’ve hear that it’s a nice country with a nice musical culture and that you have a long list of talented artists. I’ve also heard great things about the parties in Australia, especially in Melbourne and Sydney. We’re playing on a boat party, which should be amazing as it sails around Sydney, so we’ll get to see all the beautiful sites. My friends who have played in Australia before all say it’s such a beautiful place and full of beautiful people, so that’s one similarity with Ibiza, anyway!”

WHAT: Play Pulse Radio Yacht Club Presents Circo Loco
WHEN: Sunday 22 March