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Traps - Common People

Author: Scott Henderson
Monday, September 8, 2008

3D’s Scott Henderson talks with Kieran Day, vocalist of Sydney indie rock four-piece Traps, blurring the lines between Arctic Monkeys, We Are Scientists and awesome.

How did Traps come to be-
Ben and I decided to start writing together late last year, when I returned from seven months in the UK. We knew it was going to work straight away, it just clicked, you know- So we got the other lads on board and Traps kicked off.

You are launching your first single Common Errors this month, what does this represent to Traps in terms of where the band is heading and where you have each been before musically-
It’s very exciting for us at the moment; Traps is a baby in terms of band age (11 months young) but if we keep this pace up, we will have a dozen singles next month...ha. For me, this is definitely the quickest turn-around for recording/releasing. Having all played with other people in the past has definitely benefited us as a band; we’re all able to handle constructive criticism well, which is integral to good song writing.

The press release for Common Errors echoes the song in declaring “you’re proud of what you have become”. If you had to describe Traps, what would you say you have become as a collective and individually-
As a band I feel that we have become a tight wall of sound. We play music because we love it, and enjoy challenging ourselves musically as a collective. As an individual I’m proud of that. Regardless of statue in the music scene, or life, I will always be proud of my musical achievements.

You also make a point of the absence of techno, synths or electronica in the track. Do you think that the so-called new rave phenomenon is over and does this mean that fluoro is out and black is back-
As we all know, music styles and people’s tastes travel in a slow wave of change. So, perhaps the new rave phenomenon is over, but I can’t speak for a nation. There is an absence of techno, synths and electronic in the track – it’s just guitars, bass and drums. But who knows, we may end up getting our rave on.

With that in mind, what sets Traps apart from that side of indie music and bands like the Klaxons and New Young Pony Club-
We are more about the raw essence of music. I personally think Klaxons have some great melodic hooks, and do write genuinely good tunes. New Young Pony Club, on the other hand, rely on looking good and hoping that pays off – which, quite obviously, it has.

What have been the major influences over Traps and what in the music scene has inspired you in recent years-
Hard work, ambition, studios, fun, parties, friends, food, love – these are all major influences for us. These are the things that keep us motivated. With regards to the music scene, of course Australian Idol has had a massive influence.

Included on the single are the tracks Standard Life, Construct/Deconstruct and The Calling Cure. Who is doing the bulk of the song writing for the band or is it a collaborative process-
It’s very much a fully collaborative process. I come in with an idea, and we shape it as a band. It generally sounds pretty different after this. It changes for the better. This is what being in a band is all about.

What ties these songs together-

About 2.5 seconds of silence.

How close are you to having enough material for an album and where does that figure in your plans-
We are almost there, but, saying that, we won’t rush. That’s a mistake too many bands make. We were very lucky that these sounds came together so quickly. I would say we’ll have an album in about 12 months’ time.

Where else do you see Traps in a year’s time-
On a beach drinking piña coladas.

WHO: Traps
WHAT: Launch Common Errors at Spectrum
WHEN: Saturday 13 September