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Silverclub - All That Glitters Is Silver

Author: Marc de Carnes
Monday, November 24, 2008

Manchester techno-influenced pop group Silverclub have just released their debut single, Crash This Car, which has been getting spun on NME Radio and XFM and seen the group play some serious gigs. 3D’s Marc de Carnes decided to introduce himself.

I’ve been playing the tracks on the Crash This Car single, released early this month, on pretty high rotation. Are you happy with the response you are getting so far-
To be honest I’ve been fairly oblivious to it, apart from friends of mine mentioning hearing about it. Still, it’s flattering to hear it’s getting out there.

In a space of a few months you have really taken off. You played Glastonbury and you’ve been picked as BBC Introducing artists. Was the intention to deliver for broad commercial appeal-

I can’t say it was – I’ve had songs kicking around for years but have always concentrated on my techno/house/electronic stuff (as DNCN). It was only under duress from my friend Jim Noir and the loan of his soundcard and condenser mic that the whole thing took off, and within the space of two months I had eight songs ready and interest was gathering. All quite flattering really.

How did you guys start working together, how did the idea for this band come about-

We have known each other for a few years now and it just seemed natural to work together. In the case of Crash This Car, I wasn’t really sure where to take the song until Lois (Winstone, guest vocals on the single) added her voice to it – that’s when the track really came together, I think.

Can you give us some insight into why the electronic movement is and has been so strong in Manchester and for Manchurians-

It’s definitely in the bones of the city; Tony Wilson has left a huge legacy here, it’s almost impossible to come out of the city without comparisons to people like New Order or even in some cases with ourselves, the old acid house stuff. I guess you could argue there’s some of that going on with the single certainly.

The Jimmy Edgar remix of Crash This Car seems darker toned. Was he the obvious choice for a remix-
I think so. Jimmy is a rare talent and we had spoken previously when we were headline slots on Mary Anne Hobbs’ now defunct Breezeblock show on Radio 1. I’m honoured he agreed to do the remix for us – the man is cold funky, no mistake.

WHO: Silverclub
WHAT: Crash This Car through Leftroom Records
WHEN: Out now