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Ryo - Go To Ryo

Author: 3D
Monday, August 25, 2008

Japanese psytrance pioneer DJ Ryo has visited Australia many times but never played Syndey, an oversight he’ll correct this weekend as he spins at Sensory Overload at the Gaelic Club. 3D found out more.

You’ve played a lot of gigs all around the world over the course of your career, do any stand out as a particular highlight-
It was the greatest honour to play on the main stage of world famous high quality festivals like Rainbow Serpent in Melbourne, Sonica in Italy and VUUV in Germany.

How is the trance scene in Japan today, is it healthy and growing-
Every weekend there are always many parties going on and people have lots of choice about which party to go to and this can be a sign that it’s healthy and growing. The other side to this is that the numbers of people who attend ‘big’ parties is less than before.

Have you been working on producing anything or mixing any CDs recently-
Yeah, I’ve just released a mixed CD actually. I selected and mixed kind of ‘classic’ dancefloor anthems from Solstice Music’s past releases, but so far you can buy the product only in Japan, it’s a shame... I hope it will be exported to Australia soon.

What’s popular in your record bag at the moment-
The Antidote, Panick, PTX, Krome Angels, Commercial Hippies... but most especially the new tracks from Peace Punk; amazing, sophisticated up-lifting trance music... it’s the solo project of DJ Dimitri D.K.N. – his album will be out within this year and I highly recommend you check it out!

Do you have one CD or particular tracks you never leave at home, that works in almost any set-
I don’t have a particular but I have some CDs where I compiled my ‘all the time favourite’ tunes and I often play some tracks from those CDs. But yeah, compilation albums Holographic Memory 3 and Elegraffiti have regular seats in my bag.

This will be your first visit to Sydney, what do you have planned for your set here-
First of all, I would like to enjoy a fun party with Sydney people, I got some fresh music from my friends/artists I had played with in Europe and Japan these last two months so I’m looking forward to playing those tunes through the big sound system!

WHAT: Plays Gaelic Club
WHEN: Saturday 30 August