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Nick Foley & Generik - onelove Is In The Air

Monday, September 8, 2008

Robert Blamire speaks with onelove Victoria residents Nick Foley and Generik about their mixing duties for the latest onelove mix-CD Neon Nights.

Two of onelove Melbourne’s most popular DJs have taken the leap from backroom residents to mixing a disc on the club’s latest compilation, Neon Nights. Nick Foley and Tyson O’Brien (AKA Generik) are two 20-something scenesters who have been impressing dancefloors around the Victorian capital with their indie influenced electric mixes. With the release of Neon Nights, the pair are set to continue their rise to prominence on a national stage.
With mixing duties on the other two discs courtesy of German DJ Thomas Gold (the ‘Midnight’ disc) and TV Rock (‘3AM’), there’s no hint of competition from the duo regarding who has produced the better disc – rather a sense of mutual respect.

“We’re a whole big onelove community and we get great happiness out of everyone that does well inside this community,” O’Brien says. “We haven’t even listened to our disc yet – we know it’s a top mix and it is awesome… We’ve no need to listen to any of the other discs, we know that they’re perfect.”
Despite all the confidence a sense of scale still remains for the first timers, looking up to those that are where they intend to be. “We are stoked to be on the same bill as TV Rock,” O’Brien says. “They paid for our cab from the airport!” Foley chips in.
But there’s controversy – like any good story should, right- In this case there’s a little cross-club/state rivalry to be had. Starfuckers at Club 77 have been producing their own series of compilations since summer ’07 titled Neon Nights. Mr Disorder, co-mixer of Neon Nights Vol. 1 and 2, has said in the future his crew “would probably be tight lipped [around onelove DJs], they might be wired. We wouldn’t want to give them any more ideas now would we.”

The duo respond in usual confident mood. “We would have called it Nick and Tyson’s Greatest Hits,” O’Brien says, “but obviously that’s not the best commercial name to use.”

And why do they do what they do-
“It’s all about having fun, and we’ve hopefully portrayed that in our disc and our mix, and if a couple of kids get a kick out of it, then that’s fucking rad,” O’Brien says. “We’re gonna keep partying it up ’cause that’s exactly what we do.”

WHO: Generik
WHAT: onelove Neon Nights through onelove/Sony BMG
WHEN: Out now