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Michael Cassette - Cassette Kids

Author: 3D
Monday, September 8, 2008

3D speaks with Finnish duo Michael Cassette, in Sydney this week to play Laundry.

We’re slightly confused here – Michael Cassette is Komytea, which is Matti Heininen & Erkka Lempiäinen, correct-
Something like that. We produce music under the name Komytea and
Michael Cassette is one of the projects we are working on.

How does the Michael Cassette project differ from the music you make as Komytea, or any other aliases you might have-
The sound of Michael Cassette is inspired by ’70s/’80s electronic music and it is quite melodic; the feeling plays a very important role in those tracks. Again, Komytea is more about the sound itself, and it’s meant to represent well produced and musically coherent futuristic club music.

Listening to your MySpace tracks I’m getting the impression that the Michael Cassette style is synth-pop that strays often into trance territory, would that be a fair assessment-
Well, that can be one interpretation. The main focus is on the musical composition; the aim is to make music that has feeling in it. Trance music is often quite melodic, so maybe it’s the right genre to describe this music, although the sounds we use are not the most general among the trance genre.

What’s happening in the studio at the moment- Is there an album release in the works-

We are working on new tracks all the time, so releases can be expected soon from all our aliases. Also, an album from Michael Cassette is under negotiations.

Is there a sad story behind the beautiful music of your track David-
It’s about lost times and lost moments. Some might think it as sad – may the listener choose.

This is your first trip to Australia, right- Will you be bringing a live show or a DJ set-
Yes, this is the first time. It’s going to be a live set, containing both old material and stuff that has never been heard before.

WHO: Michael Cassette
WHAT: Plays Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturday 13 September