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Carl Kennedy - Pacha-nate About Music

Author: 3D
Monday, November 3, 2008

International jetsetter Carl Kennedy (born in the UK, relocated to NYC, now calls Australia home) heads an impressive list of “locals” that’ll be belting out bangers at Pacha NYE. 3D caught up with the house maestro.

When we last caught up with you – a year ago to be exact – you said you were working with your new “gang”, Wasted Youth Crew. A year’s a long time… what’s been happening-
Wasted Youth Crew is something I started and have actually finished three records. It’s a different sound to anything I play, or you’ll hear in the clubs – it’s more mainstream. Anyway, while I’ve been so busy building the label and working on ‘Carl Kennedy’ I’ve had to put Wasted Youth (Crew) on the backburner ’til the timing feels right … so next year now.

You’re playing Pacha NYE at Home. Will you be putting many nostalgia tracks into your set, kind of like a best of 2008 session, or will it be mainly new tracks- Based on your experience on a global level, what can Pacha virgins expect the Pacha experience to be-
I’m not 100 per cent sure yet. I will be playing what I think maybe some of the biggest tunes of the year, but come 2009 I’ll be moving into the monsters to come. I’m doing a long set so it will be a perfect way to start and finish before Erick Morillo takes over. There is nothing quite like a night at Pacha in Ibiza. To me it is the paradise of clubbing. The top guys from Pacha Ibiza are coming down and will create as best as possible to give that sexy feel that Pacha [has]. It is the most glamorous brand in the world so you can expect it to be glamorous.

Tell us about this Liberty Parade in Romania you played mid-year. That must’ve been a trip, literally and metaphorically…
I love Eastern Europe and Romania is great place to play. It’s one of those countries that seems to not even have peaked yet when it comes to clubbing. I’ve done a few parades now and they’re all an experience. 40,000 people were at this one, and to be one of the headliners is a great feeling. As I look back on all the hard work I have done everyday for the last 10 years and to walk on stage and love every minute of playing music to 40,000 people is a great feeling. The event was up there with the best I’ve seen so it was pretty amazing.

According to your website you’re heading back to the UK. Why and when are you taking these drastic actions-
That’s wrong. I have a place in Bondi and still have everything in NYC, I kinda commute from Australia to Europe and North America so it looks like I’m always here but I’ve been away this year as much as I’ve been here. My management are in NYC, my agents are in London, New York and Melbourne so there’s a big team around me to keep building the name and label. My last dates here will most likely be NYE then from February onwards I will be back in New York for probably most of the year with Europe so it’s hard to explain it all. From there I can tour and be in the UK more, but I could never live there ever again.

Have you any other releases in the works-

Yes I just got back from Asia and not leaving the island now ’til January so I’m finishing up my next two releases called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Pussy So Hairy, so we’ll see how they work out – gotta keep throwing punches.

Finally, give us your current top five tracks…
1. Golden Girls – Kinetic (Prok & Fitch Gloden Shower Mix)
2. Christian Falero – More Then You (Inphinity’s GT Mix)
3. Tony Martinez – People Sound (Juan Magan & Marcos Rodriguez Remix)
4. Citylife feat. DD – San Francisco (Carl Kennedy Remix)
5. The Potbeleez – Trouble Trouble (Carl Kennedy Remix)

WHO: Carl Kennedy
WHAT: Plays Pacha NYE at Home
WHEN: Wednesday 31 December