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Brooklyn Bounce - Bounce Back

Author: 3D
Monday, November 17, 2008

3D chats with DJ Bonebreaker of Brooklyn Bounce, the German hard dance production duo, playing Unity in December.

So what’s with the name – since you’re from Germany and all that-

In the beginning we did a few projects and for compilations and when we searched for name we liked the word ‘Brooklyn’ since we went to New York a lot and bought records in a store in Brooklyn. The word ‘bounce’ worked really good so we just put it together. Later we found out that it’s actually got a meaning. When people from Brooklyn go from Manhattan to Brooklyn they do the ‘Brooklyn bounce’ – I think it’s also connected with a train station, but that’s all I know.

Is it true you don’t actually perform live- You write the music and a series of collaborators perform the tracks at gigs-

We’ll now it’s just me, but in the beginning we decided we didn’t want to stand behind keyboards that are not connected and raise our hands in the air and pretend we perform live! We thought it would be much cooler if we had sexy dancers and a cool looking dude to present the songs. But we always been touring as DJs and performed in the videos. But now after 12 years these DJ sets are becoming more and more important and it’s all about music now and less about show. Diablo is still around and he’s doing live shows.

You’ve had a prolific career releasing over 20 singles, but you haven’t put out an album since your Best Of in 2006. Are you working on another artist album as yet- Can you tell about it-
I’m not only a DJ and producer, I also have my own label, Mental Madness Records, and if you do everything most of the time alone it’s quiet time consuming. I’ve been working on a new album for over a year and released two singles, but time flies by sometimes. I hope to release the new album in the beginning of 2009.

This isn’t your first trip to Australia, so what can fans and BB novices alike expect from your set-

I think it’s tour number eight. I’m coming to Australia almost every six months now and the tours are getting longer and longer. The people will get what they always expect from me: a set with a lot of different styles mixed together in the typical Brooklyn Bounce way. I will play a lot of classics and a lot of fresh new tunes, and for sure a lot of Brooklyn Bounce songs.

WHO: Brooklyn Bounce
WHAT: Play Unity at Sydney Showgrounds
WHEN: Saturday 6 December